Thursday, June 7, 2012

A summer bag

HI. Just popping in to say hi. I am a bit busy with gardening for the moment. Spending almost every minute digging and weeding. Planting flowers. Not much time left over to crafty stuff but...

I made this bag a while ago. My oldest girl Nelly Bo has used it as a gym bag (!!!) but now it is back in my hands and this is going to be my strolling summer bag. :D It is perfect for a magazine or a crafty book and a small crochet or hexagon project. Me like this! :D

It is a simple design. Two rectangels sewn together. I also added a pocket on the front with a nice lace trim. Inside the pocket is another smaller pocket for cellphone or keys. I used velcro as closing arrangement on it.

I like the cross stitching at the attachments of the handles. It gives it a bit of a professional look in my eyes.

I really improvised this bag and because of not using a pattern it took me a while... let me put it this way - I used my seam ripper quite a lot...

But looking at it now, haven't seen it in a few months and I had almost forgotten about it,  I think it is adorable. I just love this fabric and the faded colors. I would love to have an old cozy armchair in this fabric, wouldn't that just be gorgeous?

Now, back to gardening. See you soon. I got some great stuff to share soon.



  1. Lovely bag - the pocket with the lace is just adorable. Love the fabric too.

  2. Perfect bag for the summer and of course gym clothes.

  3. Jättefin.

  4. I don't know how many times I have planned to sew a bag like this, but never got to it..
    This was so beautiful! I just love it!!
    Love the fabric to.. Gives me a Cabbage and rose feeling!
    Thank you for great inspiration!

  5. Hi Annette,

    Super cute bag and so perfect for summer!! Where did you get your labels? I ♥ them!! xoxo Debbie

  6. I think improvise must be my middle name!
    It certainly looks proessional to me.
    Wish I could garden, it's so crazy and windy here this week!
    Have a great weekend with plenty of strolling!

  7. Your bag is very pretty and I am very inspired to make one myself for going out and about around the shops! And I agree about the fabric design on a comfy chair - just right for settling down with a good book.

  8. Hi Annette
    I came across your blog this week and absolutely love it! Really inspirational!
    Very much like your use of colour, particularly your crochet. BIg fan of the fabric stuff too! It's all good!

  9. Hi Annette. What a perfect tote. And it is so pretty.


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