Thursday, July 12, 2012

Granny Stool

Hello lovelies!
Did you guess what that big granny square was going to be? Well, here it is - a granny square covered stool it is. Meet Madame Granny Stool.

I have a thing for stools. When I see one at a market or a thrift store I can't resist it and I just have to have it. They are often cheap and very cheerful. I've seen the Granny Stools in blog land and magazines for quite some time. Wood Wool Stool makes awesome Granny Square Stools for example. If you haven't seen the stools she makes you have to visit her blog.

Now I have made my own Granny Stool and I - am - in - love! I am already working on another one for my other stool at home.
And this is a "Love where you live" photo of my back door. The idea of putting a lace curtain as a mosquito/fly protection was found in a Swedish magazine. I am very pleased with how different and pretty this makes the back door entrance of the house.

The tiny window with lace curtain and a shabby geranium is exactly what I dream of when day dreaming about my perfect home.

The rag rug. Who does NOT love rag rugs? I wish I could have them everywhere.

And to top it off I have my new colorful stool and a basket of pretty fabric right there. Picture perfect this is. This spot makes me happy and full of love!

And for now - dear readers - I am off on a mini break. Southern France. Sunshine, pool, picturesque village, beach and motorcycle racing. That will be a blast so I'll see you all when I come back. Until then - Bon Weekend!



  1. I love it Annette, great colors, a wonderful photo, looks like it stepped right out of a country homes magazine :)
    Karen x

  2. Pallen blev jättefin.
    En liten semester i Frankrike låter betydligt trevligare än i regniga Sverige.
    Ha det så skönt!

  3. That is so cute,,and I love your little corner,,looks so cozy..

  4. that corner so pretty! I will wish you to spend a nice holiday in southern France. The stool is gorgeous! Happy summer!

  5. It makes a lovely picture.
    I have a piano stool that needs beautifying...wonder if I'll be able to wing a rectangular granny..?
    Anyhows, how do thay say - bon vacances? Ours is over, school starts again next week :-)

  6. So cute! I'm running to copy this lovely idea!

  7. Oh i just love your crochet stool Annette, and your beautiful back door photo!It all looks so pretty and homely.Thats a great idea for keeping the flies out. It looks very pretty, as does the little window with its curtain and pink geranium - perfect!
    It would be great if you did a tutorial, i have often admired the wool wool stool ones, and have always fancied having a go at making one - i have some vintage seagrass stool somewhere that would be perfect for covering.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family
    - lucky you, the South of France!!!
    Gill xx

  8. Hi Annette.
    Your stool is so pretty dressed in your lovely
    granny square. And such a charmng place
    to be displayed.
    Your trip sounds truly amazing. A place I
    could only dream of going. :0)
    Hugs. Trish

  9. What a cheerful granny-square top to put on your wooden stool. A nice colourful corner by your back door!
    Have a lovely mini-break in the south of France! I'm popping across the lake for a long weekend to Evian to see the July 14th Fireworks display on the lake!
    I hope my two messages and granny doily photo got to you OK?! Best wishes, Sandra

  10. I am so jealous, first you tease us with the stool and them pop a lovely vacation on us! Have a lovely time.

  11. This post has given me some good ideas! Everything looks so pretty!

  12. I really love your stool - and the styling in the photo of your back door!! Gosh, it's really pretty - who wouldn't want to live in a house like that?! Enjoy your holiday and yes please to a tutorial. Fantastic stuff ;0) J9 x

  13. I made the granny square cover and put it on an old metal stool that I spray painted black. I also made booties for the feet so it won't scratch my wood floor. I am on Pinterest my board is Monkey See Monkey Try. I love your blog


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