Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lucky girl!

This little girl went looking for treasures one day. Little did she know that this would turn out to be her lucky day! The owner met her at the door and said she had something special for her. Guess what? She had a big bag of patchwork goodies that she had put away for this little girl. Ain't that just so sweet?

In the secret bag she had an almost finished hand pieced quilt. All it needs is some quilting and a binding, it is already sandwiched and ready to go.

The little girl was lucky to find some vintage sheets she couldn't resist. And the little stash of vintage fabric was in the secret bag with the quilt. Oh my was she lucky? The one on top in the pile is her favorite. The grey with daisies and tulips. Gorgeous!

The luck just kept coming... She found a cute 3-piece mirror for Nelly Bo. It needs a little bit of restoration but they can imagine it being perfect on top of a dresser in her room.

Nelly Bo spotted a tea cup, a candle holder and a cute porcelain box to keep her ear rings in.
All with a theme of the most adorable shabby chic roses.

And right outside the entrance the little girl stumbled over this cage fire basket. She has wanted one of these for a long time now. She can imagine her family grilling hot dogs over it in the winter.
And using it as a heat source when drinking "glögg" outside with candles in jars lit on the stone wall. The garden all white and covered with snow. For now it will be perfect as a flower pot. And the cat Charlie seems to... not really care...

So home she came skipping out of the car this girl. Thrift shopping is her favorite and her best.



  1. Indeed a lucky girl. How nice to find such a beauties. Groetjes, Gerda

  2. Wow, such are lucky, can't wait to see what you make! Ada :)

  3. Beautiful fabrics. I just adore the mirror. Love the cat as it looks so chilled out.

  4. oooooooooh I love it, you are really a lucky girl :-)

  5. what a wonderful thrifty haul! nothing makes my heart beat faster than finding fabric..
    Your storm photos of the quilt on the line are outstanding! Oh happy day for some cooling rain and fresh air!
    happy hugs from BC ❤


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