Sunday, November 11, 2012

My faves and a hallway confession

I like this time of the year. I like wearing my favorite green winter jacket with the furry hood. I love how the handbag I purchased from Dutch Sisters last year matches it perfectly well.It was love at first sight when I saw this messenger bag... I just had to have it and it is probably one of my best purchases online.
I love my latest scarf purchase with the bright red and tile colored vintage roses on a slightly grey base. I love matching it with my very well worn (and a bit ratty...) knitted long cardigan when my home is chilly. And I love my denim jacket all year around. It makes me chic whenever I put it on. Denim just goes with everything doesn't it?

And I adore my Daisy Square Scarf... Aaaahhhh. It is finished and I am so pleased with the big splash of color it adds to my otherwise kind of basic colored winter wardrobe...Lets not forget about my lovely boots of the year. Grey and stylish. Timeless and so so comfortable. I was hesitating when seeing the price label but got them anyway and well, I wear them ALL THE TIME.

And for whoever might be interested, here comes my hallway confession... Don't think this is how light, neat and organized my hallway look. Oh no! These are somehow styled photos. My hallway is dreadful, about 1 meter wide and 6 meters long... and PACKED with clothes, shoes, helmets, school bags and other stuff. I really do struggle with my hallway because I WANT it to be nice. But it seems impossible. Any advice on how to make it better??? I could need some really good ideas. Check out my  "Real life hallway" below... trying to hide it as much as I can in this post... What does your hallway look like? What is your best hallway tips to share?  And what are your winter wear faves?

PS Will return soon with a eye candy Daisy Square Scarf post for everyone loving color...


  1. Hi Annette
    It is very difficult to keep your hallway clear, I know, but do you have anywhere to store boots etc.? Try and sort of keep sections for different articles? What I mean is, a few hooks for coats, then a bit further along, a few hooks for helmets, things like that. Anything that can be hung, hang it, and keep the rest on shelves, that way you have it all from being sprayed over the floor. I don't know if this will work for you,but try it.

  2. Dear Annette,
    We used to get into the house through the kitchen door. When the children came home there were 4 of everything: backpacks, lunch boxes, pair of shoes, etc. After snack and much screaming, part of the mess was stored, only to start again the following day. Then babbo came home, and more stuff was left around...
    Luckily, we had a very big kitchen! I couldn't but smile rememebring how it was for me...

  3. I love the daisy square scarf! I keep the messier side of my small entrance hidden with a rolling blind!

  4. Styled very well I must say, bag and scarf adorable! :)

  5. I love your coat, and your boots! and your scarf is great, might have make one! and that bag by the dutch sisters is adorable I can see why you brought it! what a nice cloakroom. I have no real tricks for keeping it like that only a huge de-clutter, but then I guess the rest of the family have to put their things somewhere!

  6. Hi Annette, I love the scarf and bag! As for suggestions, I can only think of 2... the one coat each rule (only one coat gets to live in the hallway and the rest live in the wardrobe) and a blanket box to dump helmets, school bags (not your beautiful bag of course!) and any other bits and bobs into. Good luck with it!
    Jo x

  7. Such pretties! Love the bag and all your beautiful scarves! xo heather

  8. LOVE your scarf and the bag!!! Boots, too!!! :oD
    Our hallway is really neat, for 3 simple reasons:
    We don't have winter, so no jackets, no scarfs, no hats, etc...
    we have a closet for the shoes!!
    My bags are kept in another room!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  9. Hello! Annette, I think, that our hallway looks similarly to yours. Maybe some wardrobe can solve the problem with too many things in hallway. We have shoe cabinet. But... our jackets are everywere, they obstruct us and our visitors...

    And... your "Daisy Square Scarf" looks sooo pretty! And the handbag... great! :-)


  10. LOL!! It's quite cute that you think thís is a disorganised hallway ;-)

  11. it's just fine...enjoy the present and now that you have...


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