Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The piano...

Here she sits and plays the white and black keys. In anger, in joy, in sadness and in pure frustration. When waiting to go to school, when not wanting to do her chores, when boredom kicks in on a rainy day... then her tunes add sweetness to this home.

This piano has a story. It is not ours you see. Our dear neighbors decided to travel South Africa with their two young boys, giving up jobs, home and school here back home. They kindly asked us if we would like to look after their piano while they were gone. How could we say no?

Our neighbors have extended their adventure, now exploring South America. Their kids are being home schooled as they hitch hike through the land, forests and mountains. Their children now speak French, Portuguese, Spanish, African and English... They inspire me with their journey and I would love to do something similar one day. Just for the fact to prove that we can live an alternative life and we are not forced to follow the system with jobs, school and routines... There is a little bit of a rebel inside of me you see... Dare to be different...

I don't really play the piano but I always wanted to learn as a child. Now my daughter is fulfilling my dream dancing over the keys as a natural. She just sat down and started when the piano arrived that day 16 months ago, taking out tones by ear. And we arranged piano lessons. And now... She blows my mind playing big composers like Bach and Mozart already after only one year of lessons. MOst of the time she makes her own arrangements... It is nice to hear.

It is a wonderful gift to have I think, to be able to play an instrument. To express your moods when words might be hard to find... I so wish I could play too. My Grandfather Bo Rosendahl was a great pianist and composer and worked with Stockholm Symphony Orchestra for many years. My father used to tour Sweden with his rock band. I have ceramic artists, painters and authors in my family tree too so some type of artistry is definitely there genetically... Maybe I should take some lessons as well and then Nelly Bo and me  could play duet? That is a nice thought.


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  1. What a fabulous gift she has! My son is a self taught musician. He plays acoustic guitar, electric, drums, piano, harmonica, banjo etc.
    All self taught. Never one single lesson! He is 24 and has his own business teaching private music lessons. I have no idea where it comes from. God, I guess.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I used to pick out tunes on my Aunty's piano when I was a girl and when I got married I knew that I wanted to have a piano in my house. The idea was that I would take lessons but then the girls came along and to them it is so natural to sit there and play. Even though I am still at the 'picking out' stage I think it is such a gift to be able to hear them playing - classical, modern or even something they have just made up. I can't imagine my home without a piano now - it gives it real heart. I am so glad you appreciate the same pleasures! Jane x

  3. What a lovely post Annette.
    Your daughter looks so sweet and serious, and has obviously found a new love and discovered a new talent in playing the piano - how exciting for her and for you all.
    From what you say of your family there must be something in the genes that have added to natural talent, both you and her!
    Gill xx

  4. How sweet this story is, and how sweet your daughter is. I took piano lessons for years as an adult, I think you should too.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Fantastic.
    The travel, the piano, your history, your girl. What a gift - to master an instrument! After 10 yrs of lessons and good qualifications, I still couldn't play by ear :-(
    (That might be Afrkaans they learnt?)

  6. what a beautiful, beautiful story...

  7. I loooove too the piano but I do'nt know play it...
    Beautifil girl!

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  9. How good to hear that the piano is not just looked after but LOVED! It sounds like you have a little natural in the family and how blessed she is.
    Sadly I had to part with mine when I left South Africa (ironically) and I still dream to bring it over to the UK.
    As for travelling with kids whilst homeschooling sounds very romantic and I definitely share the dream with you.


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