Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Holiday preparations

What WiP to bring? At 4 am tomorrow morning we leave for the airport to fly to Sweden. I will disconnect with you all for about 3 weeks. I still take yarn orders in my Yarn Shop but they will not be processed until I come back. Visit my Yarn Shop for more information. I will occassionally check my Inbox but not very often so please don't be offended if I don't reply to any questions you might have. We will be without Internet connection most of the time so that is what it is... Cold turkey for me who are used to be constantly connected. H-E-L-P! Actually it is going to be wonderful. :D

Finally all the suitcases are packed it is only my holiday crochet project that needs to be organized... Hmmm. But which WiP should I bring with me?

The shawl is for a friend of my Mama, a woman who is a bit poorly. I don't know her but after hearing all the stories from my Mama I started on this shawl for her a while ago, to keep her warm on chilly summer evenings I thought. I think I will finish it soon if I bring it along now.

The pot holder can come with too as I want to write out the pattern for it. And I would love to make some more in different colors. And I need some. I am like the shoe maker who walks around in broken shoes... My pot holders are awful.

The Sweet Hearts are always fun to have on hand. Quick and easy to make and turn into garlands to give to friends that I visit. It is also a project I can share with Nelly Bo who loves to crochet them.

The Maybelle Squares are just WAITING to be joined together. I need some more squares for what I have in mind. A very convenient WiP to bring and incredibly fun. A lot of Tilda yarn fun!!!

The hanger covers I think will stay... I can finish them off when I get back. And then there is a stripy project in my head that I would like to try... Hmmm. And my hand piecing hexagons...

So many projects to choose from. I will keep my hands busy this holiday for sure.

And before I go - don't forget - on Thursday 18th of July
you can find me over at Clover & Violet's guest blogging.
Come visit!!!

Happy Summer everyone, see you when I get back in August.


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  1. I love your WIP.
    Have a great holiday!

    Groetjes, MOnique

  2. have a good & save journey! hope to "see" you at instagram while you are in sweden...
    love the blanket and the potholder! awesome colours & pattern...
    you are a artist!
    lg pami

  3. Lots of fun in Sweden, enjoy your holidays!

  4. All your projects are lovely. I would have a hard time making a decision as well!

  5. I wish you and your family a great holiday! And how sweet of you to make all these lovely gifts. The scarf you are making for your mothers friend, i think that it so sweet of you. She would love it.
    Love ilona

  6. Oh, vad mycket fint du har på gång! Hoppas ni får en riktigt härlig semester här i Sverige! Men ingen uppkoppling på tre veckor... Oj oj oj ;)

  7. Have a fantastic trip!!!!

  8. Välkommen till Sverige och hoppas du får en riktigt härlig semester.

  9. Hi Annette you have the most wonderful holiday, it will be so lovely for you to go home and relax. Sweden is such a beautiful country with lovely people, we will miss you here but have a relaxing time, you have plenty of WIP to keep you busy.
    Happy holidays to you and your family
    Lots of love

  10. Have an awesome trip!!! I'll miss you and your posts.

  11. Have a wonderful holiday in your home country!

  12. Hola!!
    Buen viaje y hasta pronto!!

  13. I was intrigued by this post as in less than a month I will be in the same situation and these questions have been milling around in my head. I hope you have a wonderful holiday in Sweden, I take you will be seeing some family. I will pop over on Thursday. xoxo

  14. Mange fine prosjekt her til ferien :)
    Riktig god tur "heim" :)
    God sommar :)
    Klem, Kristin

  15. have a very nice summer......enjoy being off line ...love Theetje

  16. Hope you are enjoying your holiday away! Have fun!

  17. Wonderful projects. love all those colors!

  18. Have a wonderful time Annette, I did want to ask you about your Maybelle Squares, can the be joined as you go?

  19. Aww, will miss you! Happy hols!

  20. hi Annette; I really loved the shawl..can you share the pattern of the border ?thank you very much

  21. Just found your blog. And I'm so happy to find out I'm not the only one juggleing crochet projects! Take care and hope you have (or had maybe by now) a wonderful time!

  22. Just discovered your blog and am swooning over your crochet!
    Jenny of Elefantz


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