Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This and that

School is finished. Emmy let go of her balloon with her address tag attached to it and we all watched it rise to the sky with all the other children's balloons. It is a sweet tradition. The idea is that we don't know how far it will fly and no matter where it lands we hope someone will find it and send us a letter. A little bit like a message in a bottle but more like a message in the sky. :D

I have been hooking some but mostly re-organized things after the 2 crazy last weeks of school. Why is it that EVERYTHING has to happen the last two weeks of school? And when you have three kids... Well, you are doomed to fail at least once. I failed twice this year, forgetting pick-nick bags and excursions... But now all that is over.

I am watching my garden recovering from the storm, beautiful roses in the sunset. The weather is finally hot and we have been hanging out on the beach this weekend. The water is freezing and it took my love more than 2 hours top finally get in... There has been a number of drives to the motor cross track and Luca Bo is a natural, jumping and going fast already. And I am continuing my regular Cross Fit training and the other day I was challenged by this "flipping tire" exercise that I never thought I would be able to do. It weighs 80 kilos. Yep! I flipped almost 40 times. I am sore today.

I am putting small flowers in jars and vases and am unpacking my Tilda yarn delivery. I did a quick update of my Yarn Shop page with a new color chart until I have a proper web shop to reveal sometime after the summer. Please come and visit. I ship worldwide!!! You will be knocked out by the color beauties I have in my shop now.

So things are pretty good around here. I am hanging laundry and thinking life is great.


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  1. I did not mean to comment as anonymous. I am having trouble with blogger!!!

  2. How I do recognize your tyring last two weeks of school with three children. I'm still in the middle of it. School holidays will start July 20, so the priority here is making presents for the 'teacher day', accompaning the children with the school excursions, giving the last crochet lessons at school and so on..
    I wish you a very, very nice summer holiday with lots of nice wetter en joy for everyone.
    Your shop is filled with the best colours ever, I'll keep it in mind for the moment I'm refilling my yarn stock.
    Big hug.

  3. I love the crochet hearts, so pretty and such nice colours! Ps that tyre flipping sounds crazy! x

  4. Switzerland?
    I've never met someone from Switzerland! This is my lucky day :)
    Your blog is gorgeous, I'm not following and can't wait to read more... I love your photos, they are calming and beautiful.

  5. I've only got one left at school. And he is 15 so I don't get so involved now. But I do remember primary school and how hectic it was.. Enjoy your holiday.

  6. Happy and colorful post... lovely crochets :)

  7. Was so excited to see you shipped yarn, can't wait to order some to come over to the UK, love your blog :)


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