Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tilda yarn delivery

Yesterday I received a BIG delivery of the wonderful Tilda yarn for my online shop. This yarn have been sold out in 22 colors at the manufacturer for months and I've been patiently waiting for the delivery... This time I have ordered 50 different shades!!!

And what else to do when you get this much yarn delivered to your front door? Some yarn play of course. Mixing wonderful  blue and pinks in a stripy pattern for a hanger. I am already planning the next color combos to play with. There is no end. My head is ready to explode of great color combos and crochet patterns. And then I have to stock my shop of course.

I ship worldwide. Stay tuned to make your order as soon as I re-open My Rose Valley Yarn Shop. This is so exciting.

Yarn used in this post are:
No 71 - Blue, No 572 - Light blue, No 05 - Creamy white, No 63 - Cyklamen, No 44 - Raspberry, 

No 40 - Pink


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  1. Wauw! This looks lovely. I cant wait to see the other colors.
    Have a great day

  2. They do look great. Will pop over to have a look. Thx xo

  3. So nice! I can imagine that you would like to crochet all day long!
    Wow, I'll have a look into your webshop. I'm a great Tilda-fan, but I have never had any Tilda yarn so far.
    Good luck with your combos!

  4. Hi Annette I adore anything to do with Tilda and just love these yarns, you lucky girl having it all delivered in one go - must have seemed as if Santa had just visited. Can't wait for your shop to open. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, love your blog
    Lots of love

  5. I am so excited! BLUE! I bet there's yellow too. ;-)

  6. Fifty different shades? How exciting, I wouldn't know where to start :)

  7. I love getting new yarn. I love laying it all out on the floor and looking at all the different colours and maybe textures,
    then maybe putting it into piles to see what colour combinations I like that day.
    Do you find that your colour choices may change depending how you feel?
    Have fun with all your new yarn and I will be looking at your yarn shop :)
    Sally x


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