Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Grey and scrappy blankets

Someone told me she was fed up with January and I couldn't agree more. What a mistress of grey this month has been. I am happy to kick this month out of my way to regain some type of energy to find my way back to more regular blogging and living.

So far this month has been a very busy one for me in Real Life Me with a long list of activities, happenings and appointments. But! I have also been working on several fun crochet projects. I lift my hat to grey January for allowing me hours of crochet without feeling guilty... I guess this is the silver lining of Miss January Grey. (I first saw January as a male... a Mister... But somehow along writing this blog post he transformed into a her... A bit innocent with grey and all... Does this make sense? Or am I rambling again?)

One crochet project is the scrappy blanket I started on during the holidays. It is cool, trendy and old fashion modern. Is that possible(?), you might ask, and yes it is possible.

I'm now half way through with this project and absolutely adore the simplicity in just choosing colors as I go, finding new color combinations and see how they react in surprisingly wonderful ways... Who would have guessed that cerise pink, purple and curry yellow followed by teal, creamy beige and white would look great??? I'm just saying... It is pure color therapy for a multi-colored girl like me and it lifts me up in the dull days of Miss January Grey. I'm using my acrylic stash for this project... The stash is big and the colors countless... I see endless fun of colored rows and I'm writing the pattern as I go...

Something else that has lifted me up to the skies are all the wonderful Nordic Shawls (check out this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one...) out there in Blogland and InstagramWorld.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed this pattern would become so popular. I would never have imagined it in so many different color combinations. And never ever would I have expected so many sweet words and cheerful comments about this pattern and myself as the designer. I am humbled and speechless... I am blushing and taking it all in, filling my spirit with all this loveliness and discovering a new creative me in all this. THANK YOU!

The Nordic Shawl Pattern (purchase it here...) has really been a dream come true. I am inspired to design more, create more and share more. This is only the beginning...

Please, if you are making a Nordic Shawl,
email me a picture of your finished Nordic Shawl
together with your social media details.

I am planning a Nordic Shawl Potpurri for inspiration
to all of you who still haven't started on your own creation


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  1. Good morning Annette. It is so odd to think that most of the country, as well as other countries, are freezing, and we, here in So. Cal have had a month of 80 plus degree weather. Nicer than our summer!!! I do long for some winter though!!!!
    Loved seeing all of the Nordic Shawls, inspired by pretty!!
    xo Kris

  2. What a lovely project this is (and the Nordic Shawls!) , all those colors are indeed very welcome during these months!

  3. Beautiful blanket; I love all the pretty colors.
    Yes, I'm tired of gray, cold January, too. It's definitely good for hooky time, but it wears on you after awhile.
    Stay warm :-)

  4. Hello Annette! Wonderful, cheerful blanket, it has fun hooked into each stitch! :-) I absolutely love seeing the different versions of the Nordic Shawl - I can't wait to add mine to your batch! I'm already coming close to the colourful stripes stage, it hooks up so fast and is so easy! Chrissie xoxo

  5. Ok - I concede defeat - the shawl will be my next project. I don't know why I've put it off for so long! x

  6. It's so beautiful!


  7. I've bought the pattern and off to get the yarn this morning. It will be my first proper crochet project!

  8. This is gorgeous Annette! I love the colours of it, it's got that perfect randomness to the colour selections that I so much wish I could get. It's got a real authentic vintage, scrap blanket feel to it. I love it!

    S x

  9. What a fab blanket. Having just started to make a Granny Ripple blanket and am getting into a bit of a pickle. I am a novice crochet fan. I may unravel and do this instead.

  10. I have seen you shawls popping up all over, they are fantastic.

  11. Muy bonita y original,me gusta ,congratulation,bss

  12. I agree with you about January but really can't complain too much we also had some gorgeous days in the seventies and even a day that it hit 80 degrees. We had one day frost and lots of rain but it never last long now it is darn right cold here in NE Florida and I am ready for Spring. LOL..
    Am in love with your blanket how do you make that blanket Annette?
    Can you please write that. how you start? Love all the colors you used it looks so much fun.
    Hope next months brings better weather for you too.
    Happy crocheting, Yoka

  13. Love the scrapy blanket, I love making these, using up all that scrap wool to make something so lovely, useful and cosy :) x

  14. I just love the colours in your blanket. I totally agree with the gray thingie, I'm fed up of winter actually. I want summer now. :-) Maybe spring will also do. ;-)

  15. Hello Annette
    I have stumbled across your lovely blog form all the links back to you from everyone making your beautiful shawl .
    Your blog is lovely, so much to look at !
    I agree that January has been more than a little grey, but bizarrely I love grey - the colour and have just devoted a whole post to a grey mood
    I shall be back to visit again very soon,

  16. What pattern do you use for this scrappy blanket?????? Thanks!

  17. Those shawls are gorgeous - not sure I could pull that look off myself but I do adore them. Your blanket is gorgeous, I really must try an make a blanket in random stripes rather than certain colour combinations.

  18. Muy bonita y original congatulation,bss

  19. Oi Annette a manta ficou maravilhosa!!!
    Beijos e fique com Deus,

  20. I love this blanket!!! Could I get the pattern?

  21. Hi! I love that blanket, and would love to know what the pattern is as well. Thanks!

  22. Hi! I would love to know what the pattern . Thanks!


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