Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pretty deliveries of Tilda yarn

When shipping Tilda yarn orders all around the world, I truly enjoy making each and every envelope a pretty surprise. The shipment contents - Tilda yarn in all kinds of different color combinations - stands tall and pretty on its own and doesn't need much more than a safe plastic bag to protect the yarn from damage, a cute post card with a personal message and some business cards for the receiver. But the outside...

A bubble wrap envelope is not so sexy on its own but with help from some gorgeous Washi Tape, a My Rose Valley sticker or business card and sometimes even a crochet accessory, cute flower sticker or hand drawn doodle,  it certainly shows that this delivery is pretty not just on the inside but also on the outside. I am a girl of simplicity and think less is more so this way of pimping these envelopes takes just about the right time, effort and cost that I can afford.

I'm now running out of both Tilda yarn and Washi tape and I am looking forward to go on a shopping spree online to add some more gift wrap pretties for future deliveries. Maybe some lace ribbons or cute lace stickers will do. And of course, a large new order of Tilda yarn is to be placed to stock up my shop for spring time. This year Svarta Fåret offers a Special Edition of a handful of new colors... I will do my best to get my hands on some.  More about this later on.

Business cards and stickers ordered from Moo.
Crochet rose pattern from Apple Blossom Dream to purchase here.
Tilda yarn can be purchased in my Yarn Shop.


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  1. Ah, your package looks beautiful :-)

  2. If you need any help for the washitape, I once ordered on (they had like 1 piece for 1 dollar... wow!) and the quality of the tape is fine (sometimes it gets less sticky over time but I had these for over a year, and they're still sticky!). Other than that, happy hunting ;)

  3. There are a couple of good sources for Washi tape here in the US that you may want to explore further.....

    Two Peas in a Bucket - not sure if they do international shipping
    Downtown Tape - I have bought from them before and I think they ship over seas
    Or, you can always make your own! ;) Just do a Google search on 'make your own washi tape' and a lot of options come up.

    Like you - I like to package all my sold items like it was as Christmas gift to be opened, and I always use a strip of washi tape some place!!

    Thank you for your inspirations!!!

    ~ Pam

  4. I droll every time I see that yarn! I wish the shipping weren't so expensive, or I would order some for sure!
    xo Kris

  5. Hi Annette - in a word stunning, everything is in your post has me drooling - no wonder you love it all. Have a fabulous weekend Annette, big hugs and loves to you

  6. Luckiest customers they are, who order from your shop. Not only do they get awesome yarn, but the packing is gorgeous too. I love this idea of giving it a personal touch. Great job! :-)

  7. Thanks for the link Annette! I have posted about anotehr project made with and linked to your beautiful Tilda yarn made into my roses here:

    Your packaging is so pretty. If you can believe it, I have used up almost all of the Tilda yarn that I purchased from you. I have one last project to make and then I must order more. :-)


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