Monday, June 23, 2014

Blog Hop Around The World

Blog Hop. I have been invited to Around The World Blog Hop by sweet Sarah over at A Little Happy Place. A big THANK YOU to Sarah for thinking of me as a Blog Hopper. I encourage you to go and visit her blog, you will not be disappointed. She has so much to share with you and is a true inspiration with her excellent needle work. Today I have quickly (actually on a total whim) put together this blog post for you. Hope you will enjoy it.

A Blog Hop is a way of sharing  Blog Love in Blogland. A way of crossing Atlantic Oceans and borders and finding new blogs we might not have visited before. I will tell you a little bit about my ongoing projects, about why and how I blog.

What am I working on?
I am the kind of girl who has a zillion projects on the go and find it very hard to finish... I have so many ideas and get easily distracted and have to jump from one project when inspiration strikes.

For a while now I have been working on my V-stitch blanket. It is close to be finished and I have started the pattern writing procedure. I still have to work out a way to avoid having to weave in all those ends and I think I've got something a bit different up my sleeve to do this.

I hardly ever follow patterns as I like to wing and tweak things and therefor I have started to work on some new patterns ideas as well. The Popcorn Lace Square is such a project. This pillow will be finished any day now. It only needs and inner pillow case and a single crochet closure being ready to pose for my camera.

This weekend I started a hair band project made from cute Daisy Squares. You see, I cut off all my hair and need a hairband when working out. That is where I got the idea for a cute Daisy Square Hairband. In the making as I jotter this down.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, I don't ahve a specific style and maybe that is my style. Call me rag rug girl. I like eclectic as much as I like classic. I like bold as much as I love delicate and mellow. I can be modern and I can be romantic... I like it all, mix it all and make my own twisted designs without boundaries or frames. But in the bottom of it all stretches a red thread through with my Scandinavian roots. I always come back and let myself get inspired by my home country Sweden and the life we live there in the country... think Carl Larsson or all the tales (Emil In Lönneberga, Madicken, Lotta at Bråkmakargatan) by Astrid Lindgren. That is me in a nutshell.

Why do I write/create what I do?

I started out in 2009 to find my way back to my creative self after being a Stay At Home Mom popping out one child after another for a good 8 years... I write, design and blog because I love to do it and I need to do it. I am a highly creative person who needs to create to be happy in myself.

I love being a part of Blogland. The crochet and craft community is wonderful and has helped me grow in not just my creative self but in my self confidence and knowledge too. I learn so much from being here. Thank you to everyone who has made my blog the success it is today. I couldn't have done this without you and I am hoping to have even more to share with you in the future as I am putting in more time and effort into this place in my life.

How does my writing/creating process work?

To explain it shortly: I experiment, practise, frog, do it again, start on new things, dis things that did not work out and I never give up.

Inspiration can come from anywhere but most often it is a color combination, a shape or a theme that gets me going. I then get started and most often just wing it until I get where I want to be.

I do read blogs and surf Pinterest, surf for pictures to see what is out there but I hardly ever follow a pattern strictly. Unless I follow a pattern to learn something new like a formula of a doily or a stitch I haven't used before.

Following patterns for small project really helps you grow in your own creative knowledge. I highly recommend taking a break form creating and following a pattern every now and then to feed our brain with something new.

I often mix things I see, a stitch I like with another stitch... It is a long process and sometimes it doesn't really work out the way I want but when it does I am delighted. Like the edging on my Nordic Shawl Pattern... It is a mix between a few different edgings I tried out.

Thank you for visiting today and although I can't pass on the Blog Hop to someone I highly recommend you to visit some of the blogs below. They are all very inspiring in their own way and maybe you haven't seen them before. Hope you have enjoyed your visit and see you soon again.


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  1. Happy to see you crocheting again Annette. What pattern did you use for the striped blanket you have displayed with your beautiful pillow, quilted blanket and granny blanket. It's gorgeous! Nicely done!!! :)

  2. It is lovely to read some more about you and how you work. I really like your style, although I would not know how to describe it, but I understand the Carl Laarson analogy. xx

  3. Merci de partager vos moments "crochet" avec nous. Pour moi, et pour plusieurs autres, vous êtes une source d'inspiration.
    Lucie x

  4. Hej! Jag har följt din blogg ett litet tag nu, och tänkte att det var dags att säga hej eftersom vi verkar ha lite gemensamt. Jag bor inte så långt från dig, i Annecy, Frankrike, men letar hus närmre Genève, har tre barn och tycker om att virka och sticka. Jag börjar långsamt hitta mer och mer tid för mina intressen ju större barnen blir och försöker skapa en intressant blogg, som jag än så länge inte är riktigt nöjd med (tips mottages tacksamt). Jag gillar både din virkning och din blogg som är inspirerande! Dagens post var intressant och jag ska absolut titta igenom bloggarna du rekommenderar!

  5. Wonderful post, Annette! I nominated Sarah, and I'm so glad she's hopped to you next! I love reading more about the creative mind behind your fabulous blog! Chrissie x

  6. Seems everyone IS blog hopping today! lol A lovely in site into your creative mind, thanks for sharing, and the links to other like minded artist.

  7. I love hearing about new blogs this way and see at least two new names there!
    My sis just bought your Nordic Shawl patter and will be buying yarn here in South Africa when she comes to visit in a month...can't wait to see what she'll choose.

  8. A very interesting post Annette; it is lovely to get to know you a little better :-)
    Tracey xxx

  9. Hi Anette!

    I loved reading about your makes. I am greatly inspired by what you do. Keep up the good work ;-)

    Thank you for mentioning my blog. Much appreciated!


  10. Hei Anette!

    Takk for nye ideer og råd om blogging. Du lager utrolig mye fint!
    Jeg har startet min blogg for ikke lenge siden, prøver å finne min egen "stemme". Blir glad om du besøker min blogg..

    Klem fra Ida.


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