Monday, December 1, 2014

Dear Miss Sewing Machine...

I am writing you, dear Miss Sewing Machine, to apologize for my long time absence... It is not that I don't like your company, it is not that I purposely ignore you. It is not that I like you less than Miss Crochet Hook and it is not that I have forgotten about you. No, I have no good excuse more than that sometimes life tend to come in the way and other things demands my attention... And you seemed so far away, hidden in the darkest corner of my cupboard and as time passed by it became just harder and harder to pick up where we once ended... The truth is, dear Miss Sewing Machine, that I was embarrassed and afraid you would not want to have me around if I even tried after such a long time apart.

I'm so very pleased that you welcomed me with open arms today, like nothing has happened, and we just moved on like no time has passed. It felt so good, dear Miss Sewing Machine, it made me so happy to meet with you again. It is such an instant gratification to get back together. You awaken my creativity and you inspire me to do the most pretty things. I've missed you so much.

I hope you aren't hurt, dear Miss Sewing Machine, I do really love you and you are the best to be around. And I truly hope you accept my sincere apology for not staying in touch as I should have. I'll be better and I am looking forward to many more hours spent in the near future. Thank you for having me and being so forgiving.

Yours sincerely

PS 1: Sewing buntings for a Christmas market in Lausanne next week.
PS 2: Love the Lecien "My Folklore" fabric.

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  1. What a beauty. I am sure your Miss will forgive you. My old Madam Husquarna was sent to rest last summer. I have a new one, but we have not become friends yet. I long for a room for the two of us, so that the kitchen table can be used by others as well.. My hooks are better for the rest of the family, but I do miss her.. enjoy and have a lovely December.

  2. I certainly was in the same situation with you until last weekend:)
    I've sewed a laptop cover for my little sister and I saw that I can still sew somethings!!

    And your bunting looks so lovely..

  3. It is so nice to change sometimes, knit, crochet and sew!
    I think you sewing machine is ok with you as she help you to make this beautiful bunting.
    And not only for this time of year but for all the year as it is beautiful

  4. I love this post! :D I feel like I should apologize to mine now. lol What a lovely festive quick project!

  5. Great colours!
    Very cosy!
    SO perfect for a Christmas Market!

    Enjoy this week!

    Brigitte from Belgium

  6. Lovely galande! It will look great on the christmas market stall :)
    I recently borrowed my sisters sewing maschine. Still practing but I am getting there (slowly).

    Take care

  7. The fabric is fabulous and obviously Miss Sewing machine was happy to have you return as the bunting is lovely x

  8. Sweet post:-)
    I hope my machine is so forgiving.

  9. love the fabric you are using for the the bunting!

  10. What a sweet letter to dear Miss Sewing Machine! I have thought the same thoughts, only to my Miss Crochet Hooks! I have been sewing like crazy, and neglected my crochet. I miss it. I will never abandon it. There just aren't enough hours in the day!
    xo Kris

  11. Oooh! I LOVE that fabric and the bunting. Absolutely gorgeous ❤️

    That post made me laugh. I'm scared to get mine out. I'm not that good with a sewing machine, she's a bit temperamental anyway and the longer I leave it the more rubbish I think I am!

  12. I am in the same boat. It's weird how much easier it is to put up a crochet hook or a knitting needle each day.

    The Dala horse fabric is gorgeous. Your garland will be fabolous.

    Happy pre-Christmas time.

  13. so nice to hear that you have a loving relationship with your sewing machine. Mine dislikes me and chews up anything I present it with.
    Love your bunting - making mine out of old cut out christmas cards - no sewing that way!
    The christmas markets are starting up here too - not so far away.
    kindest regards from Chamonix.

  14. Ooohh !! How so beautiful and touching letter, Annette !!! and what a coincidence, now I have sew a pillowcase and for a months ago I did not use my beloved sewing machine !!!! Which letter so beautiful .... I think your sewing machine is also very happy with you! thanks for sharing these thoughts! I think your garland is beautiful! is soooooooooo beautiful! many congratulations and have a nice day!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  15. I have never seen you at the Lausanne Christmas market before, and hate that I will miss you this time. We were just there a few weeks ago.

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