Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The laugh of the day

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When blogging is the best...

Sara comments on my post about Winter Wonderland in Gstaad:
":) I have some knitted bunny slippers! Is that the same?! Looks like you had a wonderful time. X
PS - I think there's a lot to be said for being happy in your own skin, at whatever phase of life you are."

I reply:
" Hi Sara, Oh dear… Did I step on your little bunny toes??? Ha ha ha! Like your PS. I shall write that down and put it on my fridge. A very true affirmation to speak out daily loud and clear. All the best for you and your loved ones. Thank you for popping in today.  Xxx Annette"

Sara replies:
"It's ok - I'm too busy hopping around, laughing at the ears bouncing, and the pom poms on my heels! :) Enjoy your day and I look forward to seeing your crochet over the year. Have fun. X "

And I am laughing hard by the imaginary picture of a fully grown woman in an over sized fleece onesie jumping around in bunny slippers. The laugh of the day! Thank you!


PS Couldn't resist surfing for crochet bunny slippers. Look at these. Darn cute, right? Find the pattern here.

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  1. Haha, too bunny .... eum ..... funny!
    Catching up on reading my favorite blogs - when reading your posts it's almost as if I'm sitting next to you, chatting, enjoying a coffee and I really like that, Annette!
    Have the best 2015 - can't wait to see what it has in store for you! Marianne xx

  2. Thanks for sharing the laugh. Love the slippers. : )

  3. Ha ha! Love those crocheted bunny slippers too, they are on my list! :)

    S x

  4. Very funny. Very true what Sara said in her PS. Very cute slippers.

  5. Oh, bunny slippers!! I will have to figure out a pattern ... I want some for myself! What a fun gift that would make for my sisters-in-law next time we are all together!

  6. Loved the Winter Wonderland post and all the comments. Out here in Australia we have 40degree heat and are trying to keep cool in the pool. At the beach giant blow up plastic pink flamingoes are all the rage!! Best wishes for all your endeavours in The New Year. Cilla Ruul


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