Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Easter Egg Hunt

A lazy morning followed by hours sofa surfing in pyjamas... Yes, Easter weather didn't offer much possibilities to hang out outside as the rain never seemed to stop falling. So a pyjamas day it was. Mostly. Computer surfing and game playing. TV watching and magazine flicking, crochet and coffee sipping, Lego building and paper doll cutting... And an Easter Egg Hunt, of course. I almost forgot this big event and rushed the whole lot to get dressed (!!!) and bundled up for some "fresh" rainy air.

Me myself spent a good hour rushing around outside hiding clues in the rain, both near and far. My effort paid off as the joy of watching my now rather grown up crowd of kids, searching for clues in anticipation of finally finding the treasured Easter eggs filled to the brim with candy, was just as rewarding as I expected. Bonus points to Mama was given with lots of hugs, smiles and cuddles. The greatest prize for a mother.

We decided to get a bit crafty after the lazy start of the day, and boiled some eggs to paint and decorate. I love painting eggs. It is something soothing and relaxing drawing with pens on a round shape in white. Color therapy on high level of course. We made some simple egg cups from old toilet rolls and decorated them with Washi tape. We have some eggs left and I'm looking forward to paint some more. I really like our flower theme we have this year.

We are not believers and I am not a big huge fan of Easter to be honest, but the Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter Egg Painting can not be neglected. I have such great childhood memories from these activities at my Dad's summerhouse. And he always prepared a big dinner with a baby lamb roast and the most delicious coffee gravy served with the mashed potatoes and cooked vegetables. But with no extended family around and a husband at work, me and the kids stick to simplicity. We are keeping it small and nice. Quiet and calm.

Today the sun is out and I think I'll start out by pinning some laundry outside and later on I'll take the kids for a bike ride. And maybe next year I'll prepare a big roast dinner with coffee gravy and invite some friends. But for now a simple dinner will do. Happy Easter!


PS: Easter Egg Hunt: I usually prepare 10-15 clues on pieces of paper and hide them well (!!!) in different places, both outside and inside. Here are a few example:
CLUE: "Where we bake" - HIDING PLACE: Oven, in the baking dry goods cupboard, baking tray.
CLUE: "Your favorite pants" - HIDING PLACE: In the pocket of the child's favorite pants.
CLUE: "Take me to church la la la..." - HIDING PLACE: The bee hive church in our backyard.
CLUE: "Waiting for something from abroad/online..." - HIDING PLACE: Mailbox

It is really fun. Even for grown ups. But pay attention and hide your clues in the right order... And don't make it to simple. Kids are smarter than you think... :)

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  1. Happy Easter to you and your family. Now that my girls are all grown up, I miss the Easter Egg hunt.

  2. Hi Annette,
    I Always enjoy reading your posts so much. It looks like you had fun hiding the eggs and painting them. I only did an Easter Egg hunt when I was in primaire school (if that's the right word, I get confused with the schoolterms in English). Now we just enjoy breakfast together and in the late afternoon we will go to my grandparents to enjoy some more eggs. I have to prepare myself really quickly now. shoes on, a little make-up and I'm ready :-) Happy Easter and I look forward to your next post.

    Happy Sunny greetings from the Netherlands,

  3. Happy Easter, Annette! I love the decorated eggs and the children hunting for Easter treasures. I loved the clues! Your children are growing up so fast! A cute child's drawing too!

  4. I do a similar treasure hunt every year, you're right, you do have to concentrate and get the clues in the right order, and not forget where you are supposed to be heading. Mine (aged 6, 9 and 11 loved it all too. Glad you had a good day. CJ xx

  5. Loved reading this,see the children enjoying themselves and the lovely art work you all created,I'm not really on the religious side of it but love to get a present of normal chocolate and this year a DVD for my daughter and lego figures for my nephew with the chocolate, my grandparents started this as an chocolate egg weighs not a lot for a lot of money they preferred to get a family bar of chocolate and a small toy or book so we had something to keep too ☺

  6. That is a creative, Easter egg hunt. I like that idea. This year I finally remembered to let the girls dye eggs. However, I didn't think about how brown eggs would go with color dyeing. Oops! But next year will be exciting as I'll be able to hide eggs in our own backyard for my girls to find.

  7. What a lovely idea of egg hunt !!
    Loved those Eggs❤️❤️❤️
    Happy Easter to you Annette!!

  8. Sounds like a fun time! I had many faux eggs as part of my decorations for Easter this year, and the girls thought it was great fun hiding them daily for mom to search for them. I'm still finding eggs, I even found one in my purse while running errands. : D

  9. It's so lovely to read your home and garden stories :-) I enjoy your blog very much.
    This Easter egg Hunt reminded me very much of an advertisement that has been going on on tv in the Netherlands:

    Father of the family is hiding eggs in all kinds of good hiding places, but he's watched by his children who tick off the list. When his wife comes downstairs they think they still have quite some time to theirselves (saying: "they will be quite occupied by searching"), but then the children come in. He watches the basket: "Eh, I still miss one!" -"Check!" they reply, showing the last one...!

    Very funny video, I hope the link works:

    Happy Easter!

  10. I love the clues, a nice idea and the pretty eggs. X

  11. I am also used to make a Easter Hunt, but we told the children that it is the Easter Bunny, who made it. They didn't believe it :) And even now when the are grown-ups the expect at hunt. Our youngest daughter at 25 was the only one at home this year, and she enjoyed the hunt even though it was a short hunt and all inside the house, but it was both up- and downstairs and she needed some help :)


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