Monday, June 15, 2015

My summer list

One of my favorite Swedish bloggers is UnderbaraClara. Not long ago she shared a nice Summer List and I decided to borrow it and make my own Summer List, with some modification and in English, of course. 


This summer I am planning to:  
Continue my organizing projects at home, go to Sweden, hang out at the beach and the pool with the kids as much as possible, go to Southern France, enjoy the harvest from our vegetable garden and eat ice cream.

My favorite summer spot:  
Our summer house in Sweden. Or actually, my brother's summer house at Väddö outside Norrtälje. One day I will also love our own place, but it is still so new that I haven't had the chance to fall in love for real yet. Love will come this summer I'm sure. 

My favorite summer flower:   
Each and every one of the wild flowers. A mix of what ever is in bloom is the most beautiful bouquet.

I go for a swim:  
At the beach by the summer house, after my morning walk or run and I jump in from the dock. Without checking the thermometer. It is cold and refreshing and makes for a wonderful start of the day.

How long is my summer vacation?  
I am unemployed for the moment so I guess you could say I am on vacation every day... But realistically, I am on vacation for the school summer break which is 7 weeks where we live. From 4th of July until 23rd of August.

I look forward to:  
Lazy summer days at the summer house with my brothers and their families. I look forward to see all our kids play together, run back and forth to the beach and visit Swedish "loppis" (thrift markets) and I would love to go for a boat ride in archipelago of Stockholm.

This summer I will purchase: Summer dresses for myself and things for our summer house. First purchase will be new duvets, pillows and bed linen for everyone. And then I want to buy white paint and paint the veranda. I will also look out for cute paintings with Swedish themes, rag rugs and blue and white china on the thrift markets.

I will listen to: The wind, the birds, the kids playing, water splashes and Swedish radio. It is very comforting to listen to Swedish radio...

My favorite summer dinner: Meat on the grill with a big salad and grilled vegetables. It beats everything else.

My favorite summer treat: A soft ice cream with sprinkles. And fresh Swedish strawberries, the sweetest strawberries to be found on earth!

My favorite summer fragrance: Grass. A new mowed lawn has the smell of summer.

How will I hurt myself this summer? I will probably stub my toe, I always do, and get eaten by mosquitoes. And part from that I will probably suffer from back pain sleeping in funny beds. :)

My summer worries: Bad weather and a hectic schedule. If it rains for 3 weeks straight in Sweden it is going to be hard. And if we have to do things, go places every day and entertain the kids non stop, it will drive me crazy. I really truly want us to have lazy days that just passes by without forced entertainment. Down time. For all of us. Enjoying the small things like finding frog babies, pick wild strawberries on the side of the road and pick wild flowers.

How will you remember this summer? Oh how I wish I could bring home the same type of memories as from last year... But I don't think we will be that lucky with the weather. Good weather or not, I want to bring home lots of memories from joyful moments with my family, may it be laying a puzzle, play a card game, catching a big fish or falling into the water with clothes on.

Sun Hat Crochet Band - FREE PATTERN by Annette Ciccarelli
My ultimate summer day:  
At the summer house: Waking up around 8 am, go for a walk and then jump in the water.  When getting back to the house it is breakfast time with a good Swedish novel read. By this time the kids want to jump in the water, so we go to the beach and I bring my crochet. Later I go visit some thrifts markets and make some great finds. We stop at the grocery store and get fresh food for dinner and have a soft ice cream. Back home Jay starts dinner and I can sit on the terrass and watch the kids play. We eat dinner outside and after we all go down to the bay to have an evening swim. We stay up late and play cards and board games. We oohh and aahh over yet another perfect day together.

At home: I wake up before everybody else and have breakfast outside. I bring my yarn basket and crochet for a couple of hours while my family wakes up. We pack a beach bag and make a picnic to bring to the beach. Then we spend all day at the beach and stop for ice cream on our way home. For dinner we barbeque and maybe we'll have some friends over for a glass of wine. We end the day with a good family movie and crash into bed early.


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  1. While reading your post, I was almost finding myself among you all, and it was lovely ...
    THANKS for having made me dreaming, this morning ! :))
    Happy summer to you and your family !


  2. Aah, summer is blissful isn't it. The summerhouse sounds wonderful, I do hope you have plenty of those ideal days. CJ xx

  3. I hope that you have a wonderful summer!!! xx

  4. Sounds like a perfect summer. I hope you create lots of lovely memories with your family in you new summer house.

  5. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.

  6. This all sounds so idyllic! I think my summer might be a blur of hot, crowded trains and beer gardens... xx

  7. Hey Annette,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Your summer sounds like heaven. You live in such a beautiful country and Sweden must be beautiful as well (I have never been there, would love to go there one time). I wish you just a happy summer with lots of great weather and a lovely time.

    Sweet greetings from Holland,

    ps. I love the summer hat!! :-)

  8. Your ultimate summer day sounds like perfection! My we all have many of those! School here (in southern US) let's out at the end of May and starts up again middle of August. Enjoy!

  9. That water is so blue! Thou must get a shot of you jumping in.

  10. What a great idea and it all sounds idyllic! I hope it all pans out just beautifully!


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