Monday, October 5, 2015

School camp

The last few days has been an ongoing preparation of packing for School Camp. This year it is Luca Bo's turn. The excitement is lying thick in the air. So many cool activities on the agenda; swimming, hiking, mountain biking, crawling in caves, disco night - which is called Boum here in Switzerland. The packing itinerary is long and challenging for a parent.

"Mama! Last week we got to choose songs for the Boum. I choose "Thriller" and "Bad" by Michael Jackson." Luca declares.
"Cool! Great choices! And what are you going to wear?" I ask.
"What do you mean "wear"?" says Luca looking like a big question mark staring at me with his big brown eyes.
"On the Boum?" I ask...  And at the same time I say this I realize that I'm talking to my 11-year old BOY who doesn't give a crap about what to wear for a Boum.

No, in the world of an 11-year old boy it is all about the activities. Luca Bo has therefor carefully packed his motocross clothes, gloves and motocross helmet with special visor skateboard helmet (thank God he changed his mind in the last minute...) for the mountain biking event. THAT is important. To look cool in the woods while flying down through the paths filled of branches, rocks and challenging curves. A guy has to live up to his dangerous reputation, kind of...

For an 11-year old boy it is all about hanging out with his buddies. All the tricks they are going to play on each other. Farting and burping competitions, who can tell the most disgusting jokes and maybe - just maybe - the plans of how they are going to annoy the girls in the best way. Anyone else who feels this sounds familiar or is it only in my son's world?

Well, it is my first "son-going-to-camp" experience. Last time it was Nelly Bo who left for camp and then it was ALL about the right outfit and shoes to wear for the Boum. what nail polish to put on to match both disco night and activities in the woods... And a flashy set of gym wear. Now sitting with both experiences on hand I can understand the confusion between men and women and why we so often don't speak the same language... Boys and girls are really on different planets, right from the beginning.

PS He packed Diary of a Wimpy Kid No 8... He has only read all the books a million times... The best books ever in Luca Bo's opinion.


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  1. Sounds familiar! We have an eleven year old boy and a thirteen year old girl and some days I swear they came from different planets. Not that I would understand mind you, because I'm a parent and over forty, and I must be from a separate planet altogether...
    Happy Days!
    PS. I hope your son has a blast:)

  2. I'm laughing!! (Mine is also 11). He has read the Wimpy Kids in English and is now re-reading in Afrikaans. He LOVES Michael Jackson (I got The essential Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 on iTunes). I won't even mention the farting and burping. As for girls - they're a great little group with two tomboy girls as well, as was a new experience taking the boys to the beach with one girl in our car!
    Boys - gotta love them.

  3. I think little boys are the same all over the planet! I live in Nova Scotia Canada and my nine year old is the same! So cool he picked Michael Jackson.
    I am currently working on my second popcorn lace pillow. I love this pattern. I get so many compliments when I'm working on it out and about. Thank you, it's beautiful!


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