Monday, April 25, 2016

A completely normal day...

The sun was out but the air was still cold. I put on Jay's old and well worn cardigan and folded up the long sleeves, brought my crochet outside.  Next to Jay's motorcycle and tool box, the drying rack full of socks and underwear, I folded up our camping table and chair to sit down and have a creative moment with a cuppa. Just in middle of all the mess. Who cares anyway...

I let my eyes wander over the garden, picked up my camera and snapped a few pictures of the donkeys under the apple trees in bloom. The field is green and lush full of Dandelions. The farmer has set up the electric fence. It is just a question of time before the cows arrive.

The shed, my lovely shed with the broken window and the lace curtain flapping in the wind. The paint hanging in flakes but still charming in its appearance.

With my glasses on the tip of my nose, looking like a grandma already, and with one finger less glove on (the other one was dropped on the floor when I walked outside) I worked a few rows on my latest project. Soon after it got too cold to stay outside and I returned back in to the commotion of making dinner and helping with home work.

Just a completely normal day came to its end. The sun went down and we all went to bed. Closed our window shutters and turned off the lights while the donkeys lay down outside in the grass...

Nothing much to report really, but still kind of precious in its smallness (is that a word???). I share this as a contrast to all the staging, styling and cautious photo shooting, because sometimes maybe just Real Life in its imperfection can be interesting to see too. After all I am just a person, just like you, with a simple and normal every day life. A life that can easily be spiced up and prettified by just opening my eyes to the world. And through the lens I see so much beauty thanks to the square cutting out the mess around the details. That is precious to me. :) That is why I love this space. This is my pretty everyday life. With flaws and all...


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  1. What a lovely post. I have been doing the same when time allows (those few moments before work after my six year old gets on the bus and before I bring my 3 year old to the babysitter.). We snuggle on the porch with coffee and crochet and listen to the birds. I love how beautiful the contrast is between the bright green grass and the yellow dandelions. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the little everyday moments. Xo

  2. Loved your beautiful "ordinary day" blog post! You look so cute with your glasses, I might add! What are you crocheting? I've just started the Scheepjes CAL 2016 and loving it.

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Fabulous, love a true story of the everyday comings and goings xx

  4. Underbara bilder.
    Här lyser solen från en mjölkvit himmel.

    Kärlek tillbaka

  5. Yes!... these are the moments when we become aware of just how very amazing life is! Thank you for sharing this post. I love that I can find a common purpose with someone who lives on the other side of our world.

  6. I love seeing people's everyday photographs :) Thankyou for sharing yours :)

  7. Hi Annette,

    Hooray to precious smallness!!!
    Thank you for this blog post.
    By the way - the new header of your blog looks lovely! Well done!

  8. I love these kinds of posts that show life just how it is..even without perfection. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  9. Your everyday life is just as pretty or more so than staged photos which don't always interest me. I love to see where others live and what they're doing around the world.
    Barely had spring arrived here and even though we still had snow and cold, I headed out to the deck with jacket and blanket, happy to be outside in the sun.

  10. Thank you for reminding me that beauty is in the everyday. It's a good reminder - your words about the staging all around us on blogs and Instagram. I love looking at all the prettiness and am always appreciating the posts and photos of the people I follow. But it needs to be said that much of what we see is set up for show and not for living. We need to be careful how we measure our own lives and avoid a feeling of falling short.
    When I read your words I got a wonderful feeling of a complete and honest moment in your everyday life. My life is full of the same.
    Thanks for writing

  11. In the voice of Anne Shirley, L.M. Montgomery wrote: "I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.” This is one of my favorite quotes, and your post reminded me of it. :-) Thanks for sharing.

  12. Such a refreshing blog post in our 'Insta-perfect' world!

  13. You have a very lovely garden Annette, and I would love to have donkeys to watch while I crochet. They are one of my favourite animals. It is great to hear the thoughts of people who find pleasure in the simplest things. Thank you for taking the time to share. x

  14. A lovely post...I love to read about the little details of other people's lives especially the everyday simple things.
    Hope the spring comes back to you soon.
    Helen xox

  15. Just blog hopped from a link on Helen Philipps blog post, just have to say love your beautiful 'ordinary' day, really lifted mine. X

  16. Love this post, Annette!
    I read blogs to see what Annette is making, how, why, and enjoy interesting tidbits if today's real life intour backyard in Switzerland, not some highly styled, stark, sometimes glossy version that might fit into some magazine. I like your veggie garden and little church and the mountains and snow and cows and all around it.

  17. Hi Annette,
    Glad that your day was peaceful and uneventful. Ours was rather different. Nigel my partner while eating his steak got a mouthful lodged in his airway which stopped him breathing. I tried to thump him on the back but nothing was happening. He started turning blue and was going in and out of consciousness. I called the ambulance and the call center told me to thump him with my fist as hard as I could 5 times in a row. Luckily the obstruction was cleared and Nigel was suddenly conscious again. A few minutes more and it may have been brain damage and then cardiac arrest!!!!!! How life can change in just a few minutes. So I am looking at your photos with envy at the peace and tranquility of your pretty garden.
    Take care, hugs

    1. OH MY GOD! Julie!!! What a drama! I don't often burst out in a OMG but this is a hell of a scary event. I'm so grateful you got the piece of meat of of Nigel's air ways!!! When we least expect it... Like so many people say, all the time, it is now or never. And still we often forget that it is now, in this moment, we are alive. Not yesterday, not 15 years ago, not tomorrow or even this afternoon. NOW! I will now treasure every second sitting here at my keyboard ticking away on a pattern project and think of your Nigel that you saved like the heroine you are. Well done Julie and lets celebrate life today!
      Xxx Lots of hugs dear.

  18. I prefer real life and ordinary over fake and shallow every time. What a lovely little patch of this earth you live on. Thank you for sharing it.
    Illinois, USA


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