Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Maybelle Blanket Yarn Pack back in stock – Garden in June – Chives are cut back – Vintage Potholder Pattern here soon!

Luca Bo in hospital last year in June.

Luca Bo 12 on Friday.

Birthday balloons for Emmy Bo's 9th birthday a couple of weeks ago.

Charlie hanging out by the irises – Wearing my Nordic Shawl – A new baby blanket in the making – Planting geraniums.
Cows has now gone to the top of the mountain but my Nordic Shawl remains to be worn on a daily basis.

Maybelle Blanket Yarn Pack back in store.

...I've been very occupied just being. I have stepped away from Cyber Space a bit and leaned back in Real Life. Occasionally I've filled my Instagram feed with a snap shot of #widn (#what I'm doing now,  for those who don't do IG) of the day. Occasionally I've dropped a comment on your snippet from your day. But not that much.

I've been working on a new pattern, I'm so delighted to be able to share it with you soon. It is cute, fun, quick and simple with a little bit of a challenge. Inspired by my Grandma Eivor's potholders found in her attic and in a fully vintage style. I'll tell you more later.

I've been reflecting on last year when the big drama occurred, when we couldn't think straight, sleep, eat or do anything, sick of worry for how it would go for our Luca Bo in hospital. It seems so far away but still the fear of having to face that type of drama again is nagging in my deepest soul... This week he turns 12, my dearest baby boy.

I've celebrated Emmy Bo's 9th birthday with shaboooom and shabaaaam. We did some craft,  enjoyed a beautifully homemade cake and there were lots of giggles and laughter. I'll share it with you later as the crafts we did were lots of fun.

I've started on yet another baby blanket and I'm loving the simple effect the mix of stitches gives my solid wide stripes. It is a perfect early summer project to do in the garden, in front of the TV, in bed on a rainy day. The color theme is inspired by a Dala horse... Very neutral and Scandinavian.

I've listed some new Maybelle Blanket Yarn Kits in my Etsy Shop for you who missed out last time. I had some problems with my yarn distributor and hope to have even more yarn in stock soon.

I've been hoping for some warm weather after weeks of thunder, rain and chilly winds. You would think it is October although it is June. The chives were cut back yesterday and put in a big pot as I love the flowers so much, and the sun finally appeared and we climbed not less than 10 degrees in just one day. Summer dress and sandals on! I hope it will stay.

I've been working (!!!). It is a temporary gig only for a week or two. But still, I go to work every day for a few hours. I'm only 2 days in but I can feel the difference already. I need a job, to get out of the house and meet other people professionally. When having a goal for a day I become so much more efficient and I have already accomplished a number of things that has been dragging behind on my To-Do-list lately. It is good.

Lately we have started to count down the days until school finishes. Until Nelly Bo will fly all by herself to Sweden this year, a week before the rest of us. I'm so excited for her, and a bit sad as I realize she is about to take off into the big grown up world soon... My little girl. So big and mature now. What happened?

Today I'll continue working on my Vintage Potholder Pattern and hopefully I have it ready for release later in the week. I only have one more potholder to test run... Stay tuned. I'm here, although you might not see me that much. I'm always around and about.


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  1. :-)
    Happy birthday, big boy!

  2. Gorgeous photos and it was good to catch up with your happy life. Congratulations to the birthday people!

  3. Wow you have been busy!! I had chives in my garden and they took over!! Love the pompom flowers in that beautiful shade of lavender..Time flies doesn't it..how can I be in my beginning fifties..ok..54..how can I be FIFTY FOUR!?? And my children be almost 30!!!WHAAAAT?? Lol!! Sounds like Nelly Bo is an adventurer..how fun for her.I always thought it might get easier when they got older, but everything just got bigger..lol..enjoy your holiday..xo susie

  4. I just recently started following you and I am making the Maybelle blanket but using my own yarn as I figured the shipping would be expensive. I love it but I ran out of cream color which I was using in between the flowers so I have to order more. I just read about your son's accident and I am so glad he is okay. As a mother of 4, I can only imagine how awful it was for all of you!
    Let me say that your garden is like my dream garden! It's beautiful! I can't wait for the pot holders as I love the old fashioned handwork designs. Also, my in-laws were Swedish and my daughter (grown) has a small collection of dala horses. I love the colors in the new blanket! I want to make everything you do in the exact same colors! I love all your designs and color combinations. Thank you for sharing your talent and your life.

  5. Lovely to hear from you Annette, I'm glad you're taking a bit of time for you. I'm doing the same, I think it's very necessary. I'm glad the job is giving you satisfaction and the birthday celebrations sound great fun, even though it's so hard every time they get a little older. Things never stop do they? I guess we have to keep going with them.

    S x

  6. Happiest of Birthdays to both Emma & Luca!

  7. Hi Annette,
    I always love reading your posts. I'm looking forward tot your new pattern, it looks really pretty. And a happy birthday for your boy ;-). The Maybelle blanket still looks perfect to me!! I just love the colours. And maybe I'll ask my mum to buy me the Nordic shawl pattern. Really pretty.
    Have a nice evening Annette.

    Sweet greetings from Holland,


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