Friday, September 16, 2016

Lets celebrate the rainbow!

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Yesterday it rained here for the first time in weeks, and the most fabulous rainbow was created.  Inspired by this natural phenomenon, I started to play around with a basket full of Tilda yarn. Someone wanted 1 ball of each color so the easiest way for me to collect them was to actually put them in a laundry basket. :)

Playing with yarn is probably one of my most favorite games. I can sit for hours. Move them around. Watching the dynamic change depending on the colors... It is quite fascinating. And putting together a range of rainbow colors is ALWAYS a delight.

Lets celebrate the rainbow!!! 

To inspire you with the fantastic range of colors that Tilda offers, I have put together a couple of Rainbow Yarn Packs:

Rainbow Yarn Pack LARGE includes 28 fabulous Tilda colors

Rainbow Yarn Pack SMALL includes 15 colors of the rainbow


You can purchase my Rainbow Yarn Packs here:
- From me directly, just drop me an email or comment below with contact details
- Purchase through my Etsy shop

I only have a few of each left so be quick if you want one. 

My Tilda Yarn Sale continues with 30% off ALL colors of my Tilda yarn. Many of you have written me officially or in private, wondering why I'm closing up shop. Well, it is time. Being a small yarn seller is hard work. I can not compete with the bigger brands. It is a tough yarn world out there. Still, I love to put together your orders and inspire you with color combinations. The main reason is lack of time. I recently signed up for a new job and find it hard to juggle it all. So, maybe I'll tell you more about my experience of being a small yarn dealer some day. THANK YOU all for your concern, sweet words, encouragement and for just being there. You rock my world!

Happy rainbow end of the week. We all need a heap full of colors in our lives on a regular basis, don't we?


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  1. Wow! The rainbow is beautiful ♥

  2. que belleza,vives en el paraiso!bendiciones


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