Monday, October 31, 2016

October Poem

October, October,
my dear sweet October
You blow me away,
with your beauty and winds.
You made me wrap up
in the most comforting things.
Candles were lit,
on dark mornings and nights.

The trees were like fire,
in their hot-like-fire brights.
There was rain.
There was pain.
From chills and sneezes,
cured with hot tea and lemon squeezes.
Tucked away are summer flowers,
out comes fall blooms full with powers.
Resisting the frost that one day will appear,
Any day now in the mountains up here.

October, October,
my dear sweet October.

You always amaze me,
and make me feel true.
Thank you dear October,
for just being you.


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  1. Perfect! Thank you for sharing.

  2. How lovely. Your autumn displays look amazing x

  3. Hi Annette, Autumn is lovely this year in the uk. The weather has been so mild here since the being of September we have had warm sunny days and hardly any rain (I'm sure that we will pay for it soon!!!) Because of this the leaves have hung on to the trees longer than normal and so the colours are just stunning. How beautiful nature is. Hugs Julie xx

  4. Beautiful photos and poem..sweet thoughts from a sweet heart:) xo susie


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