Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Blossoms In Full Swing

In my part of the world, spring blossoms are making their glorious entrance. I believe it is a little bit earlier than normal, but I'm so ready for it. The multiple variations of Prunus in a million shades of intense to faded pink, Magnolia in the sweetest powder rosé. The spring blossoms has been the true highlight of the week, putting a smile on my face multiple times a day when spotted between school runs, activity taxi driving and bicycle rides. My crush on pink continues... I feel like a princess standing next to a big tree in full bloom breathing in all the sweet fragrance and getting swept away to a land of fairy tales.

If I could I would have trees like these in my own garden, and at the same time, when saying that, I do enjoy the surprise in spotting breathtaking pink trees in other people's gardens. As the blossoms are peaking I should make the most of it and take a tour with my camera and take some more gorgeous snap shots. And soon I will have my own dose of pink out on the field behind my house, when cherry and apple blossoms are ready to sprout. Spring is here in full swing!

PS: Big THANK YOU to everyone who has bought my latest pattern Isak's Bunting and the set Isak's Blanket & Bunting in my Etsy and Ravelry shops.  I wish you lots of joy with your makes. Please share your creations with me if you can.


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  1. The blossom is fabulous at the moment isn't it. I noticed my pear tree was starting to flower yesterday and my white camellia too. Like you I should take my camera out for a walk! Hope you have a good weekend Annette. CJ xx


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