Sunday, May 21, 2017

A day trip to France

I made a day trip across Lac Léman to France and the picturesque small town Yvoire. Not often do I go on a day trip on my own, but this time I had a special treat waiting for me, Heike from Made With Loops hosted her yearly Knitting Retreat in the French Alps this year, and of course we just had to meet up for a coffee and a chat! We always do.

I arrived quite early and had the pleasure to watch Yvoire slowly wake up on this sunny morning. Delivery trucks arrived, and goods were delivered to small business owners and restaurants. Shop doors opened up and cafés started to fill up as I strolled the narrow pebble roads. A man with his two rugged dogs walked the path along the wall framing the medieval old town, just to be spotted again some time later chatting with one of the small grocery owners in town. A cheerful shop owner made it irresistible for me to not pop in to her cute store and then come out with some new light cotton purchases to add to my summer wardrobe.

The atmosphere on this side of Lac Léman is so different from the other. Switzerland is out of question a beautiful country, but sometimes almost to perfect. It is clean, proper, organized, safe and looks flawless with its fabulous poppies and lovely views of the French Alps... But here on the other side of the lake I instantly feel less tied up and so much more relaxed. It must be the French culture... And I welcome it with my arms open wide! This is what I need.

I walked along the beach on narrow paths and allowed myself to sit down on a rock and just soak it all in. The sweet air, the sound of the waves and the beautiful views all around me.

Later I met with Heike and her Knitting Retreat team including her lovely organizing partner Claudia from Wollsinn. I had such a lovely time that I forgot to take photos (thank you Heike for sending me the photo!). The hours passed by in a swisch and suddenly it was time to go back home.

Full of inspiration, new friendships and a happy filled heart, I returned back home on the ferry, to the Swiss side of the lake. My home. Maybe less laid back and bohemian but still a very beautiful place to live.

NOTE: For more information about WoolyLoops Knitting Retreats organised by Heike (Made With Loops) and Claudia (Wollsinn) visit follwing links:

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Knitting Retreat 2017 Journal by Claudia
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  1. Lovely shots of your lake trip to Yvoire, Annette!

  2. Such a wonderful day we spent together and already looking forward to our next meeting. All your photos tell the story of this wonderful gem of a place and I will remember it all so fondly.
    Big hugs my friend

  3. Stunning photographs. I don't think there is anything as visually inspiring as a French village.
    Karen x

  4. What a gorgeous place, beautifully photographed. Glad you had such a lovely day, and what a treat to be able to pop over the lake to France. CJ xx

  5. Utrolig smukke billeder Annette. Elsker at følge din blog


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