Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Circle In Square Crochet Blanket - VOILA!

My Circle In Square blanket is doing her VOILA entrance. Making this blanket was pure pleasure and I took my time to enjoy the crochet journey. Watching it grow slowly and allowing my mind to sleep on edging ideas for quite a while before the right one came to me. This crochet project made a pretty good dent into my stash of acrylic, wool and mixed fiber yarn stash., which is a good thing as I need to use up what I have on hand before going out to buy even more yarn...

Inspired by Swedish rag rugs I carefully picked out a light and airy color theme, just like the Swedish Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket, based on pastels with a lot of white all joined together with a duck egg blue. Picking colors is not always easy, but if you have a source to pick from - a picture, flower, fabric print - it makes the process a bit easier. If you want to, I can put together a post with examples of the colors used in this project from the Special DK, Stylecraft's colour chart. I know many of you use Special DK and might already have some left overs in your stash to start a project like this. Would that be of interest?

The block design is based on three rows of mixed colors surrounded by a last row of white, and then using duck egg blue to join my squares. I finished the blanket with a wide border made up from granny clusters, double crochet stitches and a Bird Foot edging. I will share a tutorial for the border and edging within the next couple of days.

When I started this project and saw this blanket belonging to the summer house in Sweden when it was finished. It is quite heavy but I'll try my best to squeeze it into my suitcase when we fly there in July.  I think it will do just PERFECT in my newly decorated living room at the cottage. It is already one of the kids favorite, and I had to do some Crochet Emergency Repair quite recently. Some of the squares centers had broken open, but now it is safe and sound again.

Down below you can find all the facts about the make of this blanket, but please let me know if there is anything more you would like to know and I'll try to answer as good as I can. Enjoy!



Squares measures 4.25" x 4.25" / 11cm x 11cm
Border measures 4.5" x 4.5" / 11.5cm x 11.5cm
Blanket measures a total of 45"x 57" / 115cm x 145cm

Approx. 1200g

This is difficult to say exact but approx. (from the top of my head...) 3540 meters / 3870 yards in total. The duck egg border approx. 250g or 740 meters/809 yards. White yarn approx. 200g or 590 meters/645 yards, and the rest is a mix of colors used.

4 mm

Scraps of DK weight wool, acrylic and mixed synthetics - no cotton.

Merino 120 from Lang, duck egg blue.

Based on a thought of a light and fresh feel I chose to use mainly light pastels, frame every circle with a row of white and add just a few darker colors to add some depth. Read more about The typical My Rose Valley colour palette here.

A variety of shades of White - Cream - Nude - Beige - Nougat - Brown - Pink - Fuchsia - Pink -
Purple - Blue - Turquoise - Mint - Teal - Duck egg - Green - Olive - Pistachio - Yellow - Mustard and an accountable number of different shades of each and every one mentioned. Read more about The typical My Rose Valley colour palette here.

Crochet block: I used a classic Sunburst Granny Square pattern and made some modifications to it. Here is a good Sunburst Granny Square Tutorial for guidance and pictures. Row 1 to 3 was made according to pattern, in row 4 I only used treble stitches (UK) in white.

Joining: I joined all my squares in row 5 with duck egg blue using the Join-As-You-Go technique.

Border: Bird Foot Edging, full tutorial here.

I made a total of 108 squares.

In Spring I Choose Light
A Little Crochet Helper
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Scrappy Happy 80
Choosing Joining Color

Long Time No Seen
A Mini Break For me 
Giving Birth To A Crochet Blanket




  1. Så underbart vacker och fantastiska färger.Yttre röda bården så effektfull.
    Ha en skön söndag.
    Hälsningar Gudrun

    1. Tack Gudrun. Hoppas du haft en fins söndag du med och att den kommande veckan, med Midsommar och allt, bjuder på lite härligt sommarväder. INte regn då... sol. Håll tummarna. :)

    2. Tack Annette!Ja på midsommar vill jag ha sol. Annars är vi glada för varje regndroppe här på Öland-och många andra platser också förresten.
      Trevlig midsommar önskar jag dig!!

  2. What a beautiful blanket Annette, I particularly like the contrast of blue, white and red in the border, and the 'bird foot' edging is charming. Bonne idee, bravo!
    I will be sad to see you go as i always quietly enjoy your words of wisdom but i understand, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do! Take care. Corinne

    1. Hi Corinne
      Thank you dear. I'm very happy with the end result. I'm sad but also excited about taking this well deserved blog break. And thank you for your sweet and sincere words regarding my blog break. I call it a break because I don;t like farewells... You never know what the future will hold. I might come back both stronger, happier and with more inspiration. Or not. Thanks for sticking around and enjoying the ride.

  3. It's beautiful and I love the colors you've chosen as well especially the duck egg blue!

  4. This is lovely, Annette. I love the subdued duck-egg blue for the border and the white and red right around to give it a bit of pep! Well done for the end results!

    1. Hi Sandra
      Thank you so much. I hope you have had a good weekend. Even if we have a bit of a biis at least it is a warm one. :)

  5. Hi Annette,
    This makes me so happy. Seeing crochet projects like this one. The colours are so beautiful. A simple pattern. Amazing Annette. I hope you enjoy your blanket at the Summer house in Sweden.
    Have a nice evening.

    Sweet greetings,

  6. I think this my favorite blankie you have done. I love the colors and the is definately on my to do list. You have a real talent for putting colors togethet. xo susie

  7. Beautiful! I love the colours, especially the duck egg bleu, and the border is so nice!!! I love it!

  8. I'd love to see a post on the colours you used if you have time. I think this blanket is lovely, the white and red edging really sets it off well and I think it's very clever of you to match your toes with the red yarn! Fiona x

  9. Soooooo beautiful, very nice blanket
    Greetings from Reserl

  10. It is fabulous and so worth spending the time to enjoy the process. Jo x

  11. Annette, this is soooo beautiful! Thank you for the directions for it, too. I enjoy your blog and look forward to you popping back in from blogworld! Enjoy your afghan at the summerhouse!

  12. This is a very pretty blanket Annette. I love the soft colours, the remind me of an Italian ice cream parlour. It will be a lovely addition to your summer house. x

  13. Such a beauty! I love the duck egg blue, and that red edging frames it perfectly! I'm in the middle of trying to finish all my WIP's before embarking on any new ones. (Very hard to do!)3 out of 12 so far, wish me luck! lol

  14. Your blanket turned out so beautiful Annette! It'll be perfect on your Swedish veranda. Hopefully it will give you a lot of warmth and comfort when you need to cuddle up inside it... Wherever you are. Thank you for sharing! X Judith

  15. Hi, have you posted how you did The border yet ? Beautiful blanket , first time Crocheting, and I'm making this blanket for our bed .

    1. Hi
      Thanks for your message. I have updated the blog post with links to the full tutorial for the Bird Foot Edging aswell as a blog post about The typical My Rose Valley colour palette. See links in the blog post.


  16. This comment has been removed by the author.


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