Thursday, September 13, 2018

Color swatching, budgeting and busy late summer days

Hi my lovelies. There are so many things happening in my life at the moment, I'm not sure where to start or how to approach it. The days are whizzing by and I guess I just want to say hi and that I'm here... I've been making color swatches for a new Autumn shawl. At the same time I am adjusting the pattern and trying to replicate the original blue version as best as I can from the messy notes I have in my pattern note book. All in hope to be able to turn this into a pattern because it is an adorable pattern. Don't you agree? 

The kids are settled into new school routines with loooong school days (leaving at 7.00am and coming home as late as 5.45pm a couple of days a week!) and I'm on an organizing mission. Or I was. I started to sort PlayMobil. And then there was Sylvanian Family. But then I got called in to do some extra work at the local daycare center so now I've put the sorting mission aside again.

I'm sending out job applications if not daily at least weekly, but it is not a very uplifting activity... At the same time I am doing a deep dive into our finances to pin point exactly where all the money goes. Yeah, you heard me right. Where is the money? Show me where the money goes! Like seriously, where does it go??? You see, we were offered to buy our lovely Swiss farm house this spring, after renting it for 10 years, so now we've started the process of finding out if we can go ahead and do it. Houses are expensive in Switzerland and therefor we really have to think through it all not just once or twice, but three times and even four before making a decision.

So, as you hear. I'm busy in life. But I'm here. I'm popping in and out on Instagram every now and then, reading a blog post here and there and I really really want to share my summer adventure with you before Mr Autumn knocks on the door. I'll do my best to make it happen soon. Probably not this week because tomorrow I'm going away on a mini break with Jay to France. Just the two of us. First time in almost two years. I'm sure the conversation will mostly be about the buying house plan and the future and kids... and just some comfortable hanging out in silence. We like that. Bon Weekend tout le monde!


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  1. Exiting times for you.
    Have a nice trip to France.
    Love your colourfull pictures <3
    Love - Lotte (

  2. Bon weekend to you too Annette, I hope you have a wonderful time in France. Good luck with the thinking about house buying. I know what you mean about wondering where the money goes, it's frightening isn't it. I'm sure lots of it just evaporates. Have a lovely break. CJ xx

  3. Ahh, the famous poncho, I remember it well! :)
    Potentially exciting about the house, although always a scary thing when it’s so much money. Good luck with the process, making the decision and all that goes with it.

    S x

  4. Buying a house is always a big decicion. sometimes you end up paying less esch month, than you do when you rent. yolu will have a mortgage though :-) I can't belive it, but we have done it 3 times! (4 if you Count the summerhouse). the bank will usually help you and prepare a budget for you (at lest in Denmark). Then you can decide if you can make it Work. That poncho!!!!! I just love it :-) I sincerely hope you get the time to write that pattern. If you are looking for testers i would very much like to test it (and perhaps translate it to Danish if you want). good luck with everything.
    Gunvor (gimgim15 on instagram if you consider allowing me to test or translate).

  5. I am always amazed how crafters never seem to think about money. There is always designer yarn and a huge build up of stash. Commercial yarn is hardly ever used (that is the only yarn I and I suspect many other off social media crafters use). I feel you can't be online unless you have expensive stuff to show off which I'm sure keeps some would be podcasters from having a go, which is a shame. It really is a competitive keeping up with the neighbours environment.

    My own reality is that I am not half as skilled as I might be because projects need to wait - even small ones like mittens until I can afford the yarn. The internet world is a whole different arena to me. I've kind of digressed from your topics somewhat but it just re-awoke the issues for me. Budgeting is so rarely spoken of!

    Renting in the Uk is so expensive that buying (if you can get a mortgage) is often actually less expensive. Buying is prohibitive for most yet the pod-casters I see who are young invariably have their own homes but it isn't the norm anymore in the UK. I think it is always worth buying if you can, renting is so insecure and it has caused me many a fright over the years.

    I actually prefer most commercial yarn to indie which seems overpriced and under performing. My local shop which sells some yarn never fails to tempt me, so if you have to budget for more affordable yarn, I think there are such a lot of nice things to use. I would love to see it used more. There is so much more out there than Stylecraft special dk! I would love to see moderate and low priced yarns get showcased more often. But there is much snobbery in crafting sadly and it is led by those in social media who again lead each other. Occasionally affordable yarn shows up and it is lovely when it does as it is far more inclusive.

    I would leap at the chance to buy somewhere that had been a happy family home, so long as it was structurally sound and relatively affordable. It's a very careful decision to make though.

  6. Åh den där färgkombinationen är så fin !!! Vad spännande med era husfunderingar. Visst är det nåt speciellt med att äga sin bostad ändå fast priserna har stigit enormt de senaste åren även här.....Vi tycker vi vuxit ur vårt lilla hus men frågan är om man ska bygga ut er flytta till något större......så visst finns det saker att fundera på i höst....
    Hoppas du ska hitta ett jobb du trivs med också.
    Ser fram emot fler bogginlägg framöver, det är ändå något annat än instagram även om det är kul också.
    Ha en fin helg Anette! / Kram Jeanette

  7. Hi Annette,

    Love your crochet work. You're amazing with colours.
    Have a great trip to France. Exciting times for you and your family.
    Have a great weekend.

    Sweet greetings,


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