Sunday, September 2, 2018

My top 10 Flea Market tips

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Hi my lovelies. It was flea market day yesterday. We got up at 6.30 and as I only had my small Ford Fiesta, I had to drive twice to set everything up. Luckily Nelly Bo was there to help me and the market was located in a village just 10 minutes away, but still.

We had a lovely, busy and productive day. We sold a lot, we chatted a lot and made new acquaintances. I think the yarn was the eye catcher with its beautiful bright colors, sticking out from the crowd. I sold lots of Ulrika yarn and my stash has now shrunk to half of with it was. I had no idea that there are so many knitters and crocheters around. I am far from a flea market professional but I thought I'll share some tips from my experiences. I used to do quite a few many years ago.

My top tips for being successful on a flea market are:
Find a market that is attractive and have good reputation. This market is located in a beautiful allee of trees and is quite popular and so it showed being a great place to reserve a spot. 

  Check the weather report. The best weather for many visitors top come is overcast and good temperature - not too hot, not too cold - in my opinion. Refering to myself I will do other things on a sunny day and when it rains I stay at home.

Great things to bring: a sheet or table cloth to cover your table and that way you can store boxes and bags underneath without it showing. Empty shoe boxes and baskets to display your goods in. Paper and plastic bags for your customers to carry there bargains in.
Bring change, a wallet and a note book. Have a bank amount in your wallet when you arrive and write that sum down. Take notes on what you sell and for how much throughout your day and you will quickly be able to calculate your profit at the end of the day.

Bring snacks and a thermos with coffee or tea. You are here to make money, not to spend it on hot dogs and pizza slices...
And bring a chair so you can take a pause in between. And bring a crochet project if it gets quiet. :)

Sell something that stands out. It can be a collection, a special theme or time periodic things... My yarn really made our stand stick out with its bright colors. It was a hit.

Display your things in groups. As a visitor you want to be able to see what the seller has available in a quick glance and then dig into his/hers boxes and bowls... We put clothes at one end, toys in one place etc. When I set up a table I often go and stand in front of it to see what it looks like for the visitors point of view. I also move things around throughout the day to see what works and not. Highlight things I really want to sell. It doesn't really have to be pretty, just clear and visible.

Make sure your stuff is clean. There is nothing worse than clothes with staines, shoes full of dirt and greasy cups... Just wipe things down before you display it.

• Price tags? I have some, but not on everything. People will ask if they are interested. I put price tags on cheap things I really want to get rid of.

Do NOT charge too much! When I go to flea markets, I look for bargains. It is supposed to be cheap and cheerful and make you feel good as a customer. And as a seller you want to get rid of stuff and avoid to bring things back home again. Small money grows into bigger money so just let it go instead of fighting over a couple of bucks.

Alright, I hope my pointers can be helpful to someone. It is a lot of work doing a flea market but it is also lots of fun. I encourage everyone to do it every now and then. Someone's trash is always someone else's treasures. It's a great way to avoid just throwing things away.

We came home with a lighter car load and our pockets full of money, which I divided up between the kids and myself to their delight. The kids are inspired and next time all of them want to join in and earn some cash. I think we will focus on preparing bags of Lego and PlayMobil sets. It will be a lot of prepping work, but if we can sell it to someone who will enjoy building and playing with it, it will be worth every minute of sorting and prepping. Plus I like to sort and organize. for me that is a game I love to play.

Today I'm exhausted. It was a long day yesterday. Maybe I'll sit down and sort some Lego Friends for the next flea market event. Maybe... Happy Sunday.


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  1. What a great way to teach your kids without lecturing them! Congratulations on a successful day.

  2. What a lovely spot, and your stall looked great. I'm glad it went so well, it's a good idea for clearing out some stuff. CJ xx

  3. It looks like a really good flea market!
    I love flea markets, but I have never tried selling myself. Perhaps I should try that.My daughter (she's 24 and has left home) wants me to try it with her. You just inspired me to find a flea market soon. Thank you!
    Love from Lotte (

  4. Am I too late? I hope not... Reconsider selling the lego/play mobile stuffs. These are timeless toys. It is quite likely one of your brood will have a brood of it's own and childhood toys have such memories. I played with my Uncles meccano and loved the tales of what he had built. When my children came along I mourned the loss of my lego, my mother gave it away. I made sure my sons legowas kept safe. I now have one very happy son, playing lego with his sister and his children. There are many toys of childhood worth losing but lego and play mobile are worth the loft space.


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