Monday, November 5, 2018

Looking back at October

The sun was sitting low in October. The light was intense and bright and at the same time golden. We were cooking and baking a lot, Jay patiently guiding our children through procedures of making ravioli, sushi and baking bread. Hopefully this will inspire our kids to learn more about cooking. It would be great if they had at least half a dozen dishes, preferably more, they could whip up when they one day move out of home. It's a good goal to have.

The cats were spending lazy hours in the sun, the leaves were changing color and falling to the ground. The vegetable beds are now cleaned out and the last few roses were brightening up the otherwise quite dull garden this time of the year. I went for long walks for peace of mind. WE put an offer in for a house. We decided to take it down a notch with the house hunting... there is no rush. We'll take our time.

I rediscovered Amanda from Vintage Sheet Addict blog over at @small_sustainable_steps on Instagram and got so inspired to start to declutter and simplify my life. I've been wanting to do this for a looong time. But the thought of it always overwhelmes me... I instantly started to sort out my coffee cups cupboard (half of the cups are now gone and there is no risk cups will fall out when you open the cupboard door anymore), continued with a box filled to the brim with manuals (70% of them showed to be for old electronics and things that we don't even own anymore!). 15 minutes a day is all it takes. It feels like something I can handle. And what I like is that Amanda doesn't put pressure on you, you do it in your time, your way, there are no rules, you do what you are comfortable with. With 15 minutes a day I will breath a little lighter and stop holding my breath as often, feel less pressure on my shoulders and be able to think more freely. Pop over to vsiit and I'm sure you'll be inspired too. :)

In a October I still took precious moments on my bench with a cup of coffee in the sun. I am so ready for fall and winter and can't wait to get boots out and wrapping myself up in big shawls and scarves. I love this time of the year.

I look out my window today and see November. November lacks sun and warm light. This morning the fields are covered in a blanket of mist. It is dreamy and beautiful. I've put my trainers on and geared up for a refreshing morning walk, the best way to start a productive day. Happy Monday my lovelies.


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  1. Åh vad härligt. Och nu får vi snart förbereda för Advent!
    Ha en fin dag!

  2. How lovely to rediscover Amanda, and she is completely talking my language re living sustainably. I hardly follow anyone on Instagram, but I have added her. There are many cupboards round here that could do with a bit of a declutter. Thank you for reintroducing me to her. I started the day with a walk here as well. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

  3. Love your posts.
    I too startede the day with a walk. 4 kilometers in high speed.
    15 minutes a day of sorting out sounds like a very good idea.
    Love - Lotte (

  4. De-cluttering is just a thing and it isn't for everyone. Some of us like to live in friendly looking and comfy homes with our stuff around us. It beats the sterile emptiness of the 'uncluttered' house every time. I have no idea why getting rid of things that you like and wanted is meant to be good for me. It may be for some people and good luck to them, but honestly give me a family home any day over a magazine ready but ultimately chilled in atmosphere and comfort one any day.

    I'll stick to my happy and slightly cluttered look thank you. Not sure why we let people make us feel bad about our homes and let others boss us about as to what it 'should' be like. They can do them and I'll do me.

    I'm no hoarder or collector and many things find their way naturally out of the door as well as in but if I want to keep my children's toys and books then I will. I buy virtually nothing new, as that is just how I am but I don't feel that makes me a better person. That thing about tidy desk, tidy mind just shows that people have nothing better to think about than tidying ("If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" ). I read last year too that untidy people are actually more intelligent, so I'll be going with that version!

    If I sound a bit hostile,(if I am I promise it is not aimed at you, far from it) it is because well, why do we have to jump to how others want us to be? Who gets to say what is the best version of ourselves? And tries to guilt us into the bargain. You have a beautiful home and family; deciding what that is, is up to the individual. Sustainability is one thing, being bossy about where to keep things or what to keep is quite another. Their minimalism is not a life goal for me (even though so many minimalists tell me they are the ideal), the look and feel makes me shudder with the coolness of it all. I am certainly not interested in people gaining money or profile by making others feel bad. That box of scrap fabric encourages me to be creative and not buy in new fabric every time I need it, and then throw it out and buy in more again. A win win. What has my cupboard (and neat folding or not) got to do with anyone else? I am not in the market for books telling me how to fold my tee shirts and so on. I am not convinced my life will be better, just that theirs will be a bit richer. I am not talking about being sensible (getting rid of outdated manuals is obviously a good idea) but the wholesale promotion of chucking it all out that so many seem to be pushing so aggressively and relentlessly. It can actually be harmful to some people. What makes other people 'experts' on life, are they not as fallible as the rest of us?

    1. Hi Anonymous
      True all of it. And yes, you sound a bit hostile, I choose to look at it as passion for your opinion. Maybe you didn't see the line:

      "And what I like is that Amanda doesn't put pressure on you, you do it in your time, your way, there are no rules, you do what you are comfortable with."

      I do agree with you. Everyone makes their own choices. I'm just not getting worked up about it. Some like minimalism others like a bit of clutter. We all know our own best balance.

      I WANT to declutter because my clutter steals energy from me and it makes me feel stressed. I choose to declutter because it makes me feel good. That doesn't mean I'm making my home look like a magazine spread. I'm still living and breathing here. But diving into areas in my home and getting rid of things I don't need makes me feel liberated. But that is me.

      No one is forcing this "trend" on anyone. We are all grown ups and can make our own decisions. You have made yours and you are happy with that. I have made mine and I am happy with that. No need to judge anyone for their decision or style of living. We are all different. That is what makes life so interesting. We can learn from each others differences no matter what age, nationality, gender, status, profession, religion, sexual orientation, location etc. After all we are flesh and blood. With or without a cluttered home.

      Enjoy your day and all your precious things and thanks for visiting.

  5. My coffee cup cupboard is a source of puzzlement to my husband who doesn’t understand why I need so many. But they are beautiful and many have happy memories attached to them. I hope he doesn’t catch on to the de-cluttering trend!!

  6. I have woken up this morning to bright sunshine and a 'nip' in the air. I love these kind of days. You can wrap up and go for a walk and feel revitalised. Yesterday was a different story. It was dark grey and raining all day. So depressing. I had a lazy 'weekend' day of film watching, crochet sewing and candle enjoying! I don't know how ready I am for Winter. This time of year naturally puts panic in me! I'm trying to enjoy things this year and not get too worked up about it all.

    With regards to de-cluttering, I'm totally on your wavelength. I think 'Anonymous' is passionate about her feelings for clutter and a homely feel, and each to their own. After all, a person lives in their home and needs it to be comfortable. Some people find comfort with 'clutter', some people find comfort with 'sterile' and some people find comfort somewhere in the middle. I'm in the middle. I like a house to be a 'home'. I want stuff I like around me. I want memories around me, but too much clutter clutters up my mind and it doesn't function well. When I de-clutter and make space my soul feels good. No one 'forces' me to do it. I don't feel 'bad' that it's not a show home. I'm used to layers of dust everywhere and I'm okay with it!!!!!!!!! I realise that I buy for the house size I want and not the house size I have. I have children who are now the size of adults and space is tighter. It makes good sense to make the space work for you. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same and thought the same wouldn't it?!!!!!!!



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