Saturday, December 1, 2018

Coziness and glorious sunrise

Earlier this week I woke up to see the most beautiful sunrise over the Alps. I tried my best to capture it, but nothing beats the real thing. It was just stunning. You would think we're in October as there is no snow on the ground, no frosty mornings. Low temperatures for sure, but far from what I call winter. I just hope we will get some snow this year, but who knows. Climate change is really making it unpredictable.We might just be "October" for the rest of the year...

I have counted down the days to the weekend, full of excitement to fill my home with Christmas spirit. I've decided to do it all at once this year. Jay will be away on a business trip for a couple of weeks so we'll get a tree this weekend and go full Christmas mode from First of Advent itself. That way we can all enjoy the Christmas spirit in full as a family. A great part of the build up is to flick through my collection of Christmas magazines. Preferably with breakfast while the rest of the house is still asleep. I light a candle and fill myself up with colors, patterns and ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

This morning I took down the Christmas boxes from the attic. It is finally time to turn on some Christmas carols, heat up some glögg, bake ginger cookies to spread the lovely scent of the holidays all around. December is by far my favorite time of the year. It is just so full of warmth, love, joy and coziness. Is that even a word? Well, if not before, it is now. Coziness - think warm, snugly, friendly, joyful, comfortable, loving, in peace, yummy... I'm ready. Are you?

coziness (Noun. 1. ) a state of warm snug comfort, coziness, snugness, comfort, comfortableness - a state of being relaxed and feeling no pain.
I think that says it all. In Denmark and Norway they say Hygge, in Sweden we say Mysigt. Bring on the Coziness. 


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  1. glorious sunrise there, very pretty; we've had some stunning sunsets here (am not up early enough for sunrises lol) with all the smoke around it's mystical
    love the coziness too
    thanx for sharing

  2. Amazing sunrise, I can imagine how spectacular it was. I shall look forward to seeing all your Christmas loveliness. Have a good weekend. CJ xx


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