Sunday, January 27, 2019

Have you ever been on a crochet retreat?

Hi my lovelies. Sometime in September last year I spoke to my crochet friend Liz about maybe one day throw a crochet retreat here in Switzerland. I was unemployed, frustrated, just tired of this whole process of hunting for a job. A few years ago it was a dream I had to one day invite crochet lovers just like myself to hang out together with hooks and yarn, good food and conversation for longer than just a workshop hour. We brainstormed a bit about it, Liz and I, got excited, checked out some great chalets in the mountains, chatted about what to make and tried to imagined what it would be like. Maybe not just about crochet but more about a getaway for women like ourselves, getting together to escape from chores and responsibility to just hang out and do what we love most: chat, crochet, eat good food, go for walks and just be. Have you ever been to a crochet retreat? If so, what was it like? And if you wish to go one day, what would you like for it to be? I'm curious to know...

It didn't happen, my idea of throwing a spontaneous crochet retreat, needless to say... Like so many other ideas I've had through the years, it has stayed in my Dreams Come True book as a rough draft. Maybe one day... Someone who has made her dreams about a crochet retreat reality though is Nathaly at Studio Belovely (previous Lavendel en Papaver blog, does that ring a bell?). And when I saw her Crochet Holiday announcement on Instagram last fall I just had to get in touch with her and chat about it. 

Nathaly and I met once at the Create & Date event (organized by lovely Maaike at CreJJtion) in Amsteram in 2013. She lives in Netherlands and has taught crochet for many years in locally. This spring she is the brave one making her dream come true, offering a magical Crochet Retreat on the small Greek island Talendos, a couple of boat rides away from the island Kos (which is the airport destination). How I would love to go!!! It sounds heavenly. It looks absolutely divine. Greece is such a lovely country and I've been backpacking the Greek islands many times in my youth. I would love to go back to enjoy the colors, culture, food and sunshine. Read all about Nathaly's Crochet Holidays in Greece on Studio Belovely

The location
How to get there
The dates
The program
The price

I couldn't make it to her retreat in November last year, but when Nathaly kindly asked if I would be interested in designing a small project for her upcoming Crochet Holidays in Greece in spring 2019,  I couldn't say no. She already has a fun mandala project designed by talented @maritparit on her agenda. I have a few ideas of what to make and something colorful is in the making. I feel honored to contribute to someone's dream to come true, just like it would be my own. And am so excited to promote her Crochet Holiday in Greece to you dear readers. Take your chance to snap a spot for a getaway in the sun with your passion in hand. I know you will have a lovely time, what could possibly go wrong with such a wonderful scenery, culture, like minded souls and hours of undisturbed crochet? Book now at Studio Belovely to get a 10% discount. Just use the code Rose19, valid until 1st of March 2019. 

PS. This is not a paid promotional post. This is a promotion of a friend's business coming straight from my heart.

NOTE: Photos by Studio Belovely


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  1. It sounds perfect!!! I would like to know Greece and crochet is my passion. I will save money!!! Thanks Rose I love your posts and photos.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Daniela (from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  2. Oh my goodness it looks wonderful. No doubt it will be absolutely blissful, relaxing, chatting and crocheting there in the sun. The sun! Sigh. CJ xx

  3. Sounds absolutely idyllic to me. Such a wonderful luxury that would be!

    S x

  4. thoses words are so sweet...crochet retreat! What a good idea!!


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