Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy season!

I am soooo busy. Every day I have tons to do and I seem to get NOTHING done (although I do plenty and do things all the time...). Our garden is growing out of proportion and Jay is not here to help me. I am weeding, harvesting, watering, cutting, trimming, bug chasing. And like that is not enough, it is berry and fruit season. Cherrys all over the place, raspberry fields packed with my favorite berry, wild strawberries in every ditch. I bet I have picked 20 kilos of cherrys already and there is more to be picked. Me and the kids eat cherrys for breakfast, lunch and dinner... later I will share some stuff you can do with cherries. I've done lots.

So today I got almost nothing done as the weather was so nice that I just had to take the kids to the pool in Aubonne. I really want to finish my little "make over" project that I have started but today just wasn't a good day for it. Maybe tomorrow. We'll see. It was kinda nice though to just hang out with the kids in the sun I have to admit. And the kids were very happy. Which makes me a good Mom right? I can't complain, life is good. (Photo: Nelly in her sun hat)


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