Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family day in France = buying a sun hat!

Today we took the ferry from Nyon to Yvoire, a French little town on the other side of the Lake Leman. We brought pic-nic, walked through town and went "Oooohhh!" and "Aaaahhh" about all the cute souvenir shops and cafées... Next time I go I will go with my Mother in law (Jennifer, you will go "Ooooh my God" a thousand times and loooove it!).

Anyway, we had Mövenpick ice cream, the kids jumped in the lake in their underware and I bought myself a hat! Very cute sun hat. There was this fabulous hat store, Chapeaux à Gogo, just when you got there and I think everyone visiting the island bought themselves a hat. That shop must make a fortune... A great tips for anyone in a touristy spot. Open up a hat shop!

It was good fun trying on hats.

There were hundreds of hats to pick from.

This door captured my eye. Great color! And a great little shop with home produced jams and syrups etc.

Ice cream break on the rocky dock = happy kids!

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  1. I love everyone's hat and that green door which matches your own hat!


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