Monday, July 27, 2009

Crookneck yellow squash

Thank God Jay is coming home on Sunday because now things are getting extremely busy in the vegetable garden. Pweeeuuuhhh!

It is one thing to pick Green Beans and Mange Tout, harvest a Carrot or two for dinner but now the Crookneck Yellow Squash is starting to explode aswell and, yeah, I don't know... What do you do with handfulls of Squash?

They are beautiful! To peak in underneath the big leaves is like entering a jungle full of flowers and baby squash growing. I picked my first three Crookneck Yellow Squash today. I better start flicking though all of Jay's cook books to find recipes on how to cook this colorful vegetable. I am inspired. Maybe we will be two cooks in the house in the future (Yes, Jay is a cook and a damn good one, and he cooks ALL the time. But maybe things will change around here now...)

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