Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where is paradise?

Jay is coming home soon. He has been away for five weeks, working in Sardinia. It might sound exotic and exciting. Like paradise. Mediterranean, ohh so wonderful! But for Jay paradise is somewhere else.

He had an evening off, one of the few ones in weeks, and I asked: "So what did you do on your evening off?". He laughed and said: "Nothing. I stayed in, watched the three boring Italian channels on the TV and went to sleep early." So much for being exotic and exciting, Sardinia.

For Jay Sardinia is a hot kitchen, some trips to the local market or to the shops to buy food. Late nights of cleaning up and a few hours of sleep in the apartment he shares with another staff member. This year he didn't even bring his swimming shorts... Last year he never got a chance to get into the beautiful azul blue Mediterranean water and he thought it wouldn't be much different this year.

I tend to forget how hard he is working when he is away. That he does it for us. And that he hates being away and counts the days more intense than we do here at home. In fact home is the exotic and exciting place to be. Here we pick fruits and berries, we bake and make things in the kitchen, we spend hours on end at the pool, we go on excursions to parks, playgrounds, museums and animal parks. We eat dinner together, we watch movies, we hurt ourselves and there are dramas, blood drenched knees and deep cuts on toes and fingers. And there are tons of ice cream and laughter. Sun kissed hair and skin. Water fights and sleep overs. Late evenings and adventures. Shows in the garden, scooter races on the street. Arguments and action, everyday constantly.

Yes, Sardinia might sound nice in some peoples ears and it does in mine too (as I easy forget how lucky I am being here with the kids that are drivig me nuts!!!), but after talking to my wonderful hard working husband I realise that paradise is right here. So welcome home soon my love, to paradise. And to all you other men who does the same thing for our families and wifes (I know a number of you...), I really really think you are all amazing. Sacrifying so much for your loved ones. I hope your wives understand and appreciate you working so hard for them. I do. Bless you all.

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