Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I need to create!

I want to restore furniture, make my own quilts, put details on my own clothes, knit my own stockings, make gorgious needle point decorations, pillows, aprons.... I want to create!!! I neeeed to create!!! And right now my 19 year old stay in babysitter is pushing me to start a blog (and I am starting it right now!) about my lovely life in the country (as she thinks it is absolutely fantastic in every aspect...) and I am surfiung blogs to see what this "blogging" thing is all about... And I found this one:


Absolutely fantastic! I just have to make a quilt like that for Nelly's bed. I just have to learn how to do these things! And by the way my first quilting project will be to make something out of the St Croix fabrics that Mother-in-law sent to Jay a while ago. As they are so precious to him (childhood memories from growing up in the Caribbean...) it would be a pleasure to be able to put them up on the wall as a piece of art instead of having them folded up in the linnen closet.

PS I am so full of inspiration I don't know what to do with myself... Got to get myself a sewing machine. Right now! And find a great fabric store. And start my project on restoring my latest flea market steal, three old chairs with padded seats that needs to be taken care of. For only 7 bucks...

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  1. Annette, i just found your first (?) or an early post of yours and I can identify with it so well i had to add this comment after all these months!
    I know eaxctly how you feel as thats how I feel, and some days i end up achieving nothing cos I am so full of ideas i dont know which one to start first!!!
    I so identify with this!!!!!!
    Am so glad you started your blog!
    Gill xx


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