Wednesday, July 8, 2009

There is a cat in the carrots!

Our vegetable garden is producing like crazy and it is a very special experience to pick your green peas, carrots and potatoes for dinner, clean them in the fountain, cook them to perfection... I know where these vegetables comes from, that they are fresh as fresh can be, no transportation, no poison bug sprays, no hormones or funny business. Just good dirt, lots of love and care (mainly from Jay who is the caregiver of the garden but now when he is abroad I am faced with the challange of taking care of harvest and to try to NOT kill the plants before he gets back in August...) Dinner has never tasted better... Yum! Delicious!

But hey! What is that? Something is moving in the vegetable garden where the carrots grow. A mouse? No it is a cat! It is Charlie. Finding some shade underneath the carrot leaves. Crazy cat...

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