Friday, July 10, 2009

Tea boxes and other treasures found

I found a new flea market in Etoy, only 10 minutes from where I live. The old lady had lots of good stuff there. check out my latest bargains.

From left: Tea boxes (3$ each), cookie tin box (4$), beautiful fruit bowl on foot (5$) gorgious water pitcher (5$). I really love the oval yellow little box with roses on. I will fill it with Swiss chocolate from the chocolate factory for special occassions I think...

The pretty jewlery box with the mirror I found at my Brocante (flea market in French) in St George. The owner gave it to me for 10$ as it had a little crack in it. I will fix it up with some glue and new paint and it will be adorable for eaither me or my oldest girl Nelly... Haven't decided yet who's gonna have the pleasure of having it... Follow my blog the next few days to see what it will look like when it has gone through my make over. I have to pick a color for it... hmm. White, light green, pink or blue like the sky?

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