Thursday, July 9, 2009

Water fight at 40! Be a child for a moment...

Sometimes I surprise myself. The kids were having a water fight on the street and I watched it from our garden, snapping pictures with a big grin on my face. They had so much fun. Screaming, laughing, running around pouring buckets of water on each other in delight. I felt envious. When did I have THAT much CRAZY fun last time? And suddenly I found myself in the middle of it. Something inside of me just told me to step out there, to grab a bucket of water and pour it over the neighbor's girl and that was it! All the kids against The Mom! For 15 minutes I went back to being a child. What a release to let go of responsible behaviour and control for a moment and just be a kid. I was soaking wet from the top of my head til my toes but I laughed harder than I have done in a long time and I never wanted the moment to end. And the kids? I think they loved the fact that I entered the game. Maybe I even turned in to be The Coolest Mom on the block, who knows? At least I felt like it. Ohhh what a great feeling to know I still got a child tucked in inside of me, I am so NOT a boring parent and grown up. I AM the coolest Mom on earth.

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