Sunday, October 4, 2009

Granny squares

Cate Blanchett in a crochetted dress. (Photo: Getty Image)

I started to crochet resently. I did some crocheting many many years ago (like a half dozen potholders when I once stopped smoking in my early twenties...). With a yarn shop in sight at the train station on my way to the airport last week (flying to my best friends wedding in the U.K) I thought : "I have 7 hours to kill at Bristol airport for my connection flight (yes - 7 hours!!!)... I'll get some yarn and do some crocheting while waiting in the terminal."

Said and done. I spent hours on the airport with my bag of yarn and tried hard to make granny squares, hearts and other stuff that I thought would be easy... Not! I crocheted and unraveled, crocheted and unraveled. By the end of my 4 day trip (this became quickly an obsession to figure out HOW to make a granny square) I actually managed to crochet a winter hat and scarf to the bride's daughter's stuffed monkey. Not to bad for a learner I have to admit. But still no decent granny square to show off.

Now I am hooked, reading blogs and crochet school websites on the subject. And after days of training (and unravelling) I have now managed to make some beautiful traditional granny squares. Yippi!!! And it is so much fun. I never want to stop. So satisfactory. And all the things you can make out of granny squares; blankets, pillow cases, hats, scarfs. Even dresses. Cate Blanchett wore a crocheted dress to the opening of the Screen Worlds exhibition in Melbourne. Ain't that funky? Who would have thought that the granny square could become a fashion statement in 2009?

My first granny squares. Pretty good aha?

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  1. Vad kul, önskar jag kunde virka men det kan jag inte... Vore bra med ett alternativ till syendet, Lite tungt att dra med sig symaskin och overlocker när man väntar på flyg...


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