Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sweden - here I come!

Swedish stuff. These are some things I think of when I get home sick. But now I don't have to be home sick anymore. We are going to Sweden for two weeks, starting tomorrow. To the summer house. I can't wait. No phone. No computer. Only the woods, the ocean, Swedish food, TV and radio. Swedish conversations, jokes and laughter. Family, friends and just home sweet home. Mushroom picking, fishing. Chilling and crocheting (I am bringing my crochet bag). And after two weeks I have filled my need for Swedish stuff and coming back home to Switzerland will feel so good. That is how it works when being an emigrant. ost of the time. So, see you later, with pics of course.


  1. Shit, is THAT your summer house!!!?!! Wow... Hoppas du får en trevlig semester. Tänk att få svenskt lösgodis... Saltlakrits... dreggel dreggel typ...

  2. Lyckost dej som kommer hem!
    Vi andra fár väl áka till IKEA och längta :)


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