Monday, November 2, 2009

Homesickness cured!

Two weeks in Sweden - what a dream! I thought! But reality check looks different...

ONE: It rained 9 days out of 11 and we were stuck inside for a majoruty of the time.

TWO: Temperature had dropped to zero and below and I was not prepared as we had 18 Celcius in CH before we left.

THREE: The summerhouse is lovely! But small. Or let me put it this way: The kids are getting bigger, not only in size but also in entertainment need. And two TV channels and a small box of old worn out toys from my childhood did not give them the kick they so badly needed on a daily basis.

FOUR: The fish had escaped to deeper water as winter kicked in two days before we arrived (so typical as we planned hours on the dock with old fashion fishing poles...)

FIVE: Everyone talked about the great mushroom season and dear husband was looking forward to it SOOOOO much. But, once we got there mushroom season was over. I mean really over...

On the good side:
ONE: The kids rediscovered imaginary games pretending to be in jungles and on pirate ships, turning sofas and beds into castles and chairs into safe canoes.

TWO: Bad weather = a good reason to spend money on crafty stuff for kids that adults can do too. We built model planes, doll house furnitures, painted horses, did some crocheting, baking, card games and puzzles.

THREE: With rain boots and water proof outfits we forced ourselves out on walks, freezing, but WOW how good the hot chocolate with cream and newly made waffles tasted afterwards.

FOUR: I realized that my "fantasy picture" of living in Sweden (Kara svenskattlingar, tank Emil som springer barfota i graset, Ida som plockar sommarblommor, midsommarstang med dragspelsmusik, ljumma sommarkvallar da ungarna springer halvnakna till langt in pa natten, smultron pa stra, massor av fika, "sommartider hej hej - sommartider") is reality here in Switzerland and definetely only a fantasy in Sweden...

FIVE: It was FANTASTIC to spend time with family. Eat Swedish food and watch Swedish TV (if only news and debate programs...). But, what I miss about Sweden I can bring to my home here in Switzerland. So homesickness cured! For this time.


  1. Sá är det, man längtar, längtar, längtar och njuter en liten stund sen vill man hem igen.

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