Monday, November 9, 2009


I am back in school. Not as a student. As a teacher assistant. Fun? Yes! Hard work? Yes! An old dream of one day becoming a teacher has now awakened and I am starting my journey towards the goal... With no diplomas or academic qualifications I have decided to "slip in on a banana peel" in the same way I have done with all my professions in life. It si not that I have something against going to University, it is just not me. And I truly believe that everyone can do what they want to do (sounds soooooo american doesn't it? Well husband has a good influence here) in alternative ways. Soooo....

Step 1 - Sent out spontanious CV's to a few International schools around here and have been in contact with a couple over the phone. Not bad.

Step 2 - I got a foot in the door as a replacement teacher assistant at one school, worked three days last week. Yiiihaaaa! (Confident boost number one!)

Step 3 - Make myself available for more last minute calls and arrange supervision for the kids somehow. Not an easy task. I am calling everyone I know trying to figure this out without having to get an au-pair as it is not a steady job yet. Hmmm... I don't care if I make money, right now I just want to get a foot in the door and make them need me! Cause I want this. I need this!

Step 4 - Hopefully I might have a steady job by January as three teachers are expecting babies...

Step 5 - I will be able to practise my French being exposed to the language constantly and by next sumer I might have a comfortable conversation level going on. Yippi! (Self confidence boost again big time - oh yes!)

Step 6 - When feeling great with the French I can swop to the public schools and get a job closer to home, maybe even in my village. Plus public schools pay better. Niiiiiice!

Step 7 - Or with some complementary courses on the side I might even be able to become a real teacher within a few years of assisting. Never give up...

A rough plan but I am sure it will work out somehow. I feel so good. I've been dreading this going back to work force in a foreign country... And now I am on my way! And the best thing of all. I will have time off for school breaks, including summer! What a great life! Wish me luck on my journey.

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