Saturday, November 14, 2009


Birthday. Balloons. Cake. Cards. Pressies. Loving kids. Loving husband. Bubbly. Friends. Laughter. Music. Nice. Very nice indeed. Soaking it all in. Enjoying every second. Mmmmmmmmm. My big 40.

How does it feel? Great. The big 40 comes with acceptance, strength, peace. Kind of. I am what I am and I am me. Good old me. Maybe 40 but 24 in my spirit. Not a day more. Ever. No matter how many flaws, wrinkles or grey hairs. Always young, except for when wisdom is needed. It is good. To be able to choose that. Very good indeed.

Vanity is vanished. Nature is beautiful. I am. I love. Life is. Now. Here. Look at that drawing! (Family portrait by L.C, 5 years old). I am a very VERY lucky woman. Thank you everyone for emails, cards, presents and phonecalls. It is good to be loved. This is a very nice day indeed. Cheers!

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