Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wrist warmers

I think these are called wrist warmers but they are litterally gloves without fingers. My first test run was made for EC as she has small hands. Cute. Colorful. Fun to make. Quick. Improvised trim as I don't really know anything about trims. Have to practise. Yarns was a birthday gift from NC. Thank you my darling daughter! Now I will make a matching hat, and maybe a scarf aswell. Or another pair of wristwarmers for NC. Haven't made up my mind yet. (PS I apologize for bad photos. Taken in a rush as everything is made in a rush...)

Tech facts:
Manor Home - Jasmin
100% Polyacryl Supersoft
Needle 3

(Addition made 23d of November: Totally forgot to mention where the inspiration for these cute wristwarmers come from. From Attic 24, one of the loveliest and most positive blogs I regularly visit. I improvised the whole thing and it came out okay. I would say that it is probably smoother to use a lighter yarn, maybe something for 2,5 needle or even 2. At least when you make them this small. But hey, I am overly proud over my accomplishment. And thank you to Lucy in the Attic for being so inspiring.)

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  1. Jisses, vad mycket du hunnit med.... Tråkigt att vädret inte var tip top när du var hemma i Sverige. Jag hade verkligen drömvädret när jag var hemma i Stockholm när Jade var 6 månader. Tidig vår - is som smälte i vårsolen, vitsippor och tussilago, vårsolen och alla vårglada människor.. Sen försommaren med alla löv och blommor som tittar fram, sommarlukten, ljusa sommarnätter, syrener som blommar, alla ungdomar som tog studenten, midsommarfirande runt stången... Gissa vem som inte ville åka hem. Stannade kvar i tre månader, men sen sa mannen att nu fick jag faktiskt ta och komma hem för han ville ju gärna se sin dotter innan hon var 21 typ... Å, jag får hemlängtan bara jag tänker på det, Sverige är speciellt även om det regnar men helt fantastiskt när det är som Sverige bara kan vara!


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