Monday, November 16, 2009

IKEA fabric

I got two hours for myself every Monday and Tuesday morning now when EC has started Creche (unless I am called in for work...). What a luxury! So today I spent those hours browsing IKEA. And I found these fun fabrics. Aren't they just fabulous? Designer Lotta Kühlhorn.

I got so excited that I almost missed picking up EC from the creche as I was so busy putting up the new art fabrics on the walls to view them in their full.

The plan is to make wall decorations out of them. The one I love the most is probably the one with the mountains and the flowers. But the fox chasing the bunny is great in EC's room and the one with the squares I will cut out and make as small wall decs in NC's room. The bird cases with the birds will be placed above the sofa and it has inspired me to crochet a couple of pillow cases in the same color theme to match.

SOOO many ideas, so little time. I wish the dy had more than 24 hours or that I could survive on 4 hours of sleep every night...But naaahhh, can't do it anymore. When there were babies in the house yes, but now - NO! I need my 8-10 hours flat or I get grumpy like The Grinch! So, time to get busy getting the wood frames and finish this project and ignore house chores for a couple of more days... Exciting!

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