Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yarn sale!

Yarn frenzy. Going crazy. Completely nuts. So many colours, textures, qualities, materials... Bundles of joy. Kind of like a baby bundle of joy, but more insane.

If I was a rich girl - la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la...

Then I would flip out and buy EVERYTHING possible to satisfy my desire for this simple and natural thing called yarn. I totally - I mean TOTALLY - understand how someone can go berserk to sooth their yarn addiction.

So, I found some yarn on the sale. 100% wool. It will be my first wool experience. A blanket I think. Love the colours. Can't get enough of it. So I went a bit nuts and took a dozen+ pictures of my bargain. I spent an hour picking, touching, feeling, holding them in the store before calming myself down and putting back half of it as I quickly filled up an IKEA bag in a swisch (for you who doesn't know the size of an IKEA BAG - think size of big garbage bag!) No one warned me that yarn and crochet is highly addictive when I first picked up my crochet needle in September. This stuff is like heavy drugs... Luckily it is after all a very healthy addiction.


Thank you so much for visiting my world. I love reading your comments and I do my utterly best to respond to questions and sweet messages. Thank you again for popping by.


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