Friday, January 29, 2010

Wrist warmers for a friend

This is my second attempt on wrist warmers. The first one was for my baby girl. this time I have made a pair for my dear friend Anna in Cornwall, England. She runs a Bed & Breakfast,  Boscean Country House Hotel located by the sea close to Land's End and now in winter she always complains about being cold. So I thought a pair of wrist warmers might do the trick when she is doing her book keeping and renovations to prepare for the next season. If I could I would have made her a pair of socks, but that is more for knitting and I find knitting a bit fiddely and ... well, to many sticks and loops to keep track of...

I made these wrist warmers a bit different this time. I started with a base chain of 35 and made a ring with a slip stitch and then I crocheted them as a tube. I descreased before the hole for the thumb and after to make it a bit more tailormade and snug. I finished it off with a single crochet bobble edging at the top and some crab stitches at the wrist. I used a DK acrylic yarn and needle 3,5 (EUR). They are really cozy and warm, snug and pretty. And quickly made. I will make myself a pair as I usually get very cold when sitting by the computer.

Anyway, if anyone has their way to the south of England, visit my friend. She is a great hostess and always makes you laugh and feel good. She is a girl who loves the good things in life and she lives in a beautiful place. 

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  1. Tack för tipset om var jag kan köpa garn!!
    Ska vänta lite och se vad som kommer in.
    Jo, amn vill sá mycket. Min vän Bobo pá Rumba de Kransen kallar det för kreativ stress, vilket jag tycker ár ett kul uttryck.


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