Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grannies & Pet Shop?

Oooohhhh what a beautiful day! Everybody outside! The sun is shining, snow is gone, drag out your toys and play - outside "tout le monde"!!!

This is pretty much what the front of our house looks like throughout the whole summer season. Toys spread out everywhere. Nice in its way as you can tell happy kids live here.

And my crochet bag (Cath Kidston - gift from a friend). Who got into my crochet bag when I went in for a cup of tea and rusks???

Oh-oh! Evidence. Pet Shop has taken on a new interior design. My granny squares. Emmy the smallest has decorated the Pet Shop tower.

Quiet, the Frog is sleeping.

And here we got brother Frog and Octopus swimming in the pond (???) around the water lily (???) or...

And little Kitty cuddled up in her cradle, and baby Owl got the big granny spread in the big Pet Shop house...

And here we got the sleepy Pet Shop player. Passed out, sitting, on the sofa. Oh my oh my. Isn't she lovely?
A new generation gives the old granny a new way of life. Plastic toy meets natural handcraft and "love is in the air... nah nah nah nah nah nah nah".

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