Monday, April 12, 2010

Crochet blanket - Voila!

Finished! Initially the stripes were supposed to be horizontal. I started off with a toooooo long foundation chain (and discovered it waaaaaay to late to unravel the hours of work I had put in to it...) and quickly I had to come up with a solution which was "Turn the blanket around!".  And I did.

So the stripes are now vertical with horizontal treble crochet stripes at the top and bottom of the blanket.

I planned for an edging but found that no edging would be able to compete with the decorative Shell Stitch and the way the colours mix and match in this blanket. So simple is best. A treble crochet edging, a fringe in each corner and... ...VOILA! - the blanket is done!

- Merino Wool 50g/105-115 m
- Hook size 5 mm / H-8 (US)
- Used a total of approx 20 skeins
- 16 different colours
- Weight - heavy
- Measures 95 cm x 135 cm (37" x 53 ")
- 94 shell stitch stripes
- About 8-10 weeks of lazy hooking and being constantly distracted by other projects on hand.
- Half a billion loose ends to fasten off...
- Really easy (anyone can do this blanket), relatively quick (although it felt like a never ending project at times...), very satisfactory (the mixing and matching of colours is really fun).

Am I proud? I am smiling from ear to ear, that is how proud I am. And I love my blanket. It has such a good heavy feel to it, its soft, cuddly and just perfect. The kids are already fighting over it. I guess I have to make another one. 

And do you want to know how to make the shell stitch? In this post you can find out how easy it is. Try it out and have a blast.



  1. Wow!!!!
    DEN ska du vara stolt över! Sáááá snygg! Den ser sá mysig ut. Färgerna ár sá fina tillsammans. Vilket jobb det ár men sá nöjd man máste vara när det blir fárdigt. Tofsarna var en kul detalj.
    Fár mej helt osökt att tánka pá Maria Montasami ( i "Svenska Hollywood-fruar"), just det dár med tofsar och att den ligger slángd över soffan sádär......:)

    Men det är kul att göra ocksá.
    Jag blockar inte, bara syr eller virkar ihop.

  2. Åh, den var riktigt snygg! :) Jag blir jättesugen på att sätta igång och virka en ny pläd, men jag antar att jag bör avsluta monsterrutepläden och Ripplepläden innan jag startar på en ny.... ;)
    Virka är så himla smidigt, men kan göra det överallt!

  3. Å vilken fin filt. Och jättefin färgkombination. Den kan du vara riktigt stolt över.

    Lycka till med kommande projekt!

  4. what a stunning blanket! It's completely gorgeous!

  5. Hej Annette, I have never seen this blanket on your blog before, but I love it! The stitch is definately something I will try in a next project soon. Thank you for writing out the tutorial!
    Love, Maaike

  6. Hi!!!
    I just found your blog via TipNut and I love your style. Its right up there with my other fave crochet artist Lucy (attic24). I love your shell blanket. It is now on my list of things to do (which only has about a million other fantastic crochet projects on it lol). Can't wait to have a go at the shell stitch. Thanks for the photos and the tute too.
    Sydney, Australia

  7. Could you tell me the pattern you used for the edging?
    Stacey from Texas USA

  8. Dear Shirley. Thanks or visiting. I can't reply to you for some reason so I hope you will come back and read this.

    Most of my crochet creations are described in UK terms and that could of course get a bit confusing when you are used to US terms. So this is how I edged my shell stitch blanket:

    At the short ends I made a wide edging by crocheting one row of double crochet in brown followed by one row double crochet (DC) in white etc. Six changes of colors in total. Then I finished the blanket off by crocheting one row of double crochet (DC) all around the blanket. Made tassels in every corner to finish it off. Good luck. Annette

  9. I am trying to decide if getting into crocheting is something I would enjoy. I hope you don't mind me asking, but about how much did this blanket cost to make? Thanks!

  10. Wow, goregous blanket, I love the colours you have used, and the pattern too. It's beautiful.

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