Thursday, April 22, 2010

A completely, extremely normal day

A completely, extremely normal day here in Gimel, Switzerland.

Dandelions. Picked by my kids and placed in a measuring cup on our ugly mailbox (accompanied by some type of action hero, super duper man...) to welcome me when I come home from work. So cute. My heart suddenly turns into jelly and gets all warm and fussy.

Spring is here. Flowers are blooming everywhere, like this one on our pear tree.

Laundry. I love drying my laundry outside.

But, hey! What is this? Inside my washing machine. Who put a lizard in her pocket? Poor thing was amazingly still alive after a 60 minute washing cycle.

And gardening. Jay preparing the vegetable beds with kids from the block.

And the hill behind the house is getting green and inviting for play.

And what else. Oh yes, Charlie - the yellow adventourus cat - got into a fight with (probably) a fox and bitten in his leg. But everything is fine now after a visit to the vet (resulting in big fat bill!), a shaved leg looking like a chicken and a few days of bed rest. Here sleeping with his best mate Nelly.... Prrrrrr, prrrrr.

Always something going on here. Always high leveled drama. And always a moment for some crochet. Like these big grannies for a pillow case.


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