Saturday, May 29, 2010

About me & crochet crises

Hi everyone! I thought I would introduce myself to all my new followers (and old ones for that matter). I am really thrilled to have you here and all your nice comments are really flattering and makes me feel incredibly happy! Thank you all.

So this is me. Annette. 41 this year (yeeeeeaaaaay! my soul will never be a day older than 24!). I am Swedish and moved abroad 9 years ago when I met my American husband Jay in the Seychelles (of all places in the world - yes!).

I am a previous "everything" (shop assistant, bakery hostess, delivery woman, graphic designer, window displayer, business owner...) and I have been a stay at home mum for 9 years. I just got back to work 60% this year. And it is working really good.

I started crochet in September 2009 and I am "hooked" ever since. I love it! And I love following other crochet blogs to educate myself, find inspiration and to just smudge myself around in colour puddles.

We live in a magical place in the countryside of Switzerland. This is the front of my house.

This is my garden and I call the back of the house my own "Little house on the praire" (if you remember that show about the Ingalls familly :D!).

We grow vegetables (picture is from last year, we haven't got this far yet...).

And we are surrounded by beautiful mountains, having all top shot ski resorts (Verbier, Charmonix, Gstaad, Zermatt, St Moritz, Les Portes de Soleil to mention some) within 90 minutes drive.

We have two cute cats, Charlie (yellow) and Lola (mix). And we are thinking of adding a little friendly dog to the family picture... But I am not so sure. Afraid of the commitment I think. Any advice?
Right now I am having a bit of a crochet crisis. I just can't find "the flow". I bought a batch of cotton yarn last week but can't find the right project for it. I have tried out different blocks, colour combos. I even started on a blanket... But nahhh.

And then I  took out my wool basket. And something inside of me woke up. So soft, snuggly and pretty.

Look at how different these squares are from the others (or maybe it is only me...) So maybe it is the new yarn that is putting me off. Because the cotton is so different to work with. Not as flexible and elastic as the wool. More... hard? Beautiful of course but different.

So maybe I just dig back into my wool basket and make another pillow case from my softie, cuddly wool yarn. Just to see where it takes me...

Have a nice weekend.
Ciao and besos!


  1. You have a lovely home and family! What pretty children. And that mountain view is to die for. You are a very lucky girl!

  2. Hello Annette,
    I try to write in english, the time of school is so far away ... I discoverd you by Yarny, and I love very much your blog.
    You live in a beautifull place, and have a beautifull familly. You just bigin crochet in 2009 and your works are very well made. Bravo.
    I'm french woman and I live in the south west of France. If you want, you can have "a walk" on my 2 blogs : and

  3. Hello Annette
    You live in such a beautiful view is breathtaking...Iam also a beginner crocheter(is that a word) like you..And very much addicted to it..

  4. I come back because I've just make a fly on all your posts and I note that your like very much knit granny. So I can give you the adress of a french collective blog whose spell Granny Mania. Of course, the language used is french, but I think you will like to see all the works made.
    And, in second time, I note too, you like so much quality yarns, so, don't you know Drops Design ? It's a novegian (I think) site where you can find where they sell their beautifull yarns (I think there is a place in Suisse) and a lot of patterns for children, women and men, and for knitting and crochet.
    Your shell blanket is very pretty.
    Good crochet.

  5. Hi Annette!
    So nice to meet you. You live in a wonderful place. I can smell the fresh air!
    ~X~ Karin

  6. Den där skogen skulle jag vilja gá i och bara andas in alla dofter...........áh vad man kan längta till skogen ibland.

    Bilden pá er tre är sá fin.

  7. Hello Annette,
    How beautiful you live.
    I love Zwitserland. I have lived there myself for 1 year in Chateau d'Oex. It's near montreux and Gstaad. Do you know it? I love the snowy mountains in the winter and the cows with the bells in the summer.

  8. What a beautiful life. Have fun!

  9. Hello Anete, how are you and your pretty family? Just told me, how do you get? I have only one litlle boy, and I'm going crazy!!!hehe, but it's true. I can't imagine how many womens get a lot of works in house and care child. So I think: how? I'm brazillian, it's important? I don't know, I only know that I love crochet and after maternity I have litlle,litlle time.
    Thanks for your posts.
    You're incredible, you got everything.
    Who knows, any day, i'll got also?
    Bye Anete.

  10. Me encanta tu blog!! los colores, las fotos, es hermoso!
    Felicitaciones, quiero aprender ingles!!!
    para poder entender todo lo q escribis :)))
    Lu - Mamà y Crafter


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