Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yoga for my brain

Dropping in to say hi. I am still here, but very very busy. The kids are finishing school next week and there is something going on every day. Excursions, shows, parties, sports events... Pic-nic bags to prepare, pick ups and drop offs, dentist appointments, speech therapy... The list goes on.

I am on the slow burner with my crochet. But I manage to sqeeze in a moment here and there. The vintage stripes are great to work with in stressful times. I am almost finished with this baby blanket. It is very soothing, working every colour back and forth row by row.

My hooking is like yoga for my brain. Couldn't live without it. I just wish I had discovered this wonderfully crafty therapy earlier when the kids were really small and life was incredibly chaotic... It would have saved me puddles of tears, desperation and break downs... Now I just sit down with my hook when things feels out of control. Back to center - breath - hook - breath - focus. What a wonderful therapy. Especially here, under the tree a warm and sunny afternoon. Going straight back there now.



  1. I feel exactly the same about crochet. It's wonderful therapy...and cheaper than a therapist!

  2. I love to practice yoga and I equally love to crochet. I find both to be very theraputic and I relish the mental break that both offer. Daily, I think they are wonderful for stress...great analogy!

  3. Ja - precis så är det! Virka är riktig yoga för hjärnan :)) Härliga färger på din filt!

  4. Hi Annette,

    I've not children but I'm very busy this month too. And the little moments I can take my hook are so peacefull, like time stop. Your baby blanket seems to become beautifull. So pretty choice of colours.

  5. How funny, that's what I say also.
    Beautiful blanket!!!

    Love Maartje

  6. Your crochet is so beautiful, the colours work really nicely together! I think your words capture the essence of this lovely little craft perfectly - I don't know where I would be without my hook and yarn these days, it was the best thing I ever learnt to do!

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  7. Loving the colours in this blanket. And your "me" corner looks so very inviting

  8. Olá!!Adorei conhecer teu blog,tua família é linda,parabéns.Teus trabalhos são maravilhosos,são coloridos e passam uma alegria contagiante.Grande abraço,que DEUS abençoe sempre você e tua família.

  9. De ár nog de finaste färger som finns! Jag tánker svalt, Medelhav, vatten.....

    Just det "yoga for my brain" riktigt bra uttryck.

    Lite avis blir jag allt att du har tagit en snabbis till Sverige. men snart kan jag det med, Ryanair har börjat flyga Málaga-Stockholm.

    Din trädgárd är sá skön!!!

  10. Just det, det är det gráa runt rutorna, det stämmer inte. Ett tag funderade jag pá att riva upp allt utom rutorna och virka allt i vitt men jag gillar det turkosa och vill nog ha filten lite sá galet blandat. Sovrummet är nástan helvitt sá lite färg skulle pigga upp.

  11. Hi Annette!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    And yes, crochet is great therapy. It makes me very very happy!
    For the google translate tool:

    ~X~ Karin


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